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  1. Gin N Tonic Jil

    Wanted: large Smiths/Moz posters

    Hi I am in search of large/Giant/Huge/Subway size (they’re usually around 60”x40” Smiths/Moz posters. I prefer album posters (VivaHate, BonaDrag, Kill Uncle, Vauxhall. I get these posters are probably not in MINT condition so please let me know how they’ve fared over the years. Thanks.
  2. Gin N Tonic Jil

    Wanted: Vegas Sat Sept 4th 2021

    Hi there looking for 2 tix for Saturday Sept 4th gig in Vegas. ONLY INTERESTED IN SECTIONS 103, 104, and 105. Serious inquiries only. I can do PayPal, Zelle, Venmo and hard cash. No tricksters
  3. Gin N Tonic Jil

    Moz Hollywood Palladium 2009 gigs

    Anyone have links to full gigs of this 2007 Palladium pitstop? Would prefer SB quality but, willing to take whatever is out there.
  4. Gin N Tonic Jil

    Current Moz backdrop pic

    Looking for a link to this actual pic. All the shirts Moz is selling at his gigs are fantastic, although I feel a shirt of this backdrop would be epic and a great gesture to honor Shelagh.
  5. Gin N Tonic Jil

    WANTED [email protected] Jimmy Kimmel

    Anyone have a spare they want to pass along my way or sell me? I can hook up great herbal meds, drinks or good ol' American ca$h.
  6. Gin N Tonic Jil

    WANTED Moz Pomona/Fox Theater

    Anyone with a spare pit ticket to sell me??? PM me.
  7. Gin N Tonic Jil

    Wanted Moz @ Shrine Nov. 26 2011

    Looking for one pit/general admission or BEST ticket. pref. center orchestra [email protected] or PM me.
  8. Gin N Tonic Jil

    Help save "Coach & Horses" pub on Sunset!,0,697902.story Back in the day, the days around post Your Arsenal pre Vauxhall, I met Morrissey at this pub with JAKE. Back then his LA popularity was at FEVER PITCH! So to go neck a few beers without the fanfare, he'd...
  9. Gin N Tonic Jil

    Universal/L.A. gig pix?

    Looking for pix of this gig. My iphone does no justice taking fast action/low light pix. I saw a few fans in the pit snapping away. Can someone post up some pix of this gig? Very much apprec. Thanks.
  10. Gin N Tonic Jil

    WANTED Universal/Gibson/LA 12/10 PIT ticket

    Looking for ONE pit ticket. Figured since I missed out on Pomona, kinda wanna treat myself to a pit tix for the LA gig, that and my missus has to work late leaving me solo for the evening and able to enjoy Moz from the pit. So if you have a spare and would like to help out a LOOONG TIME fan...
  11. Gin N Tonic Jil

    Morrissey solo songs at Smiths gigs?

    This is all wishfull thinking. Here's the scenario; The Smiths get back together (not sure if Mike's behind the kit). They are only playing material from Morrissey's solo catalog. Morrissey notices you in the pit, rocking out having a grand ol time, and asks you, "Do you have any requests?"...
  12. Gin N Tonic Jil

    Malady Lingers On DVD?

    I so want this on DVD, my VCR is on its last leg and lately I've been jonesing to watch this video. Did this ever make it on DVD? HHHHHEEEELLLLLPPPPPP
  13. Gin N Tonic Jil

    US tour 2009/2010???

    What gives? Is there no plans for any US gigs this time around? Coachella was fine an all but, not a FULL ON Moz gig. Is there anything in the cards for an upcoming US tour???? I NEED A MOZ fixxxxxx.:guitar:
  14. Gin N Tonic Jil

    Manchestas GREATEST Anthems. VOTE 4 The Smiths/Moz

    NME is having a poll of the GREATEST Manchester Anthems, so far here are the TOP 5; 1. Oasis~ Live Forever 2. Joy Division~ Love Will Tear Us Apart 3. Stone Roses~ I Wanna Be Adored 4. Stone Roses~ Fools Gold and coming in at numba 5 5. The Smiths~ There Is A Light That Never Goes Out...
  15. Gin N Tonic Jil

    Shirt Moz wore during YA tour 1992

    I purchased this gold shirt I believe in '93 worn it 2/3xs. Its been in my garage packed away FOR YEARS. I cant say its the SAME shirt Moz was sporting during the YA tour bc Im sure its not the same brand. However its pretty much spot on in appearance and style. Wip out your best blue jeans and...
  16. Gin N Tonic Jil

    Heres what I have FOR SALE

    Ok so at my gf's insistance Ive cleaned out our garage. Heres what Ive decided to part with (these were dup's of stuff I already have). Too lazy to type ouf full details of everything. If you're interested in something PM me and I'll get back to you with full items descriptions and fees. Dont...
  17. Gin N Tonic Jil

    FREE Severed Alliance signed by J. Rogan*

    I have a spare, signed by Rogan at his L.A. "BookSoup" signing. At the time I was involved with a Moz fanzine called "Charming" and we were set to give it away as a contest price. However Charmings days were numbered and we never got to give it away. Sallys' (my dog pictured in my avatar)...
  18. Gin N Tonic Jil

    TOP 10 Moz/Smiths Books????

    I'm looking to re start serious Moz/Smiths book collecting again. Back in the late 80s/90s I used to buy EVERY book I could get my hands on...only to start having thoughts of "why am I buying all these books when its a complete REHASH of last 5 I've just bought?" Since I really haven't bought...
  19. Gin N Tonic Jil

    WANTED 1 Moz/Kimmel mini gig tix WANTED

    I need someone to $$ell me one of their guest tix to get in. Anyone? ...Anyone? ...Bueller? ...Bueller?....
  20. Gin N Tonic Jil

    WANTED~ 1 Jimmy Kimmel Feb 5th mini concert

    I'm looking for ONE pass/ticket to the Jimmy Kimmel Moz mini concert. Long time fan here, tickets just went like mad and was unable to secure one. We're in a recession/depression so I cant fork over insane amounts but, I have ca$h and am willing to hand over some ends for it. Stay charming...
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