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    Selling my limited edition Morrissey shirt by Temple Effectives (ebay)

    bought about a year ago but never worn.
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    LATV on today

    For those of you that missed the Morrissey show I've been seeing thats it's gonna be shown again today at 9.
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    Need ideas for quote to get engraved

    So I'm thinking of getting my significant other an Ipod for Christmas. I want to get a quote engraved by either the Smiths or Morrissey on it. I'm thinking of going with "Don't forget the songs that saved your life" anyone have some good ideas? thanks for the help
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    Shoplifters shirt?

    Does anyone know where I can find this shirt? I've been looking everywhere for it but can no longer find it.
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    any video last palladium show?

    does anyone have any video? preferably of the song I like you?
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    Moz @ Kroq 91

    I'm looking for the recording. does anyone know where I can download it? I had it on my hard drive but somehow it got deleted
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