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  1. dallow_bg

    Moz mention in Peter Hook auction lot

    Peter Hook is selling a ton of his personal mementos over at Omega Auctions an I noticed this lot of items regarding Salford in this collection titled the "SALFORD RULES’ Roots collection" and he mentions Morrissey...
  2. dallow_bg

    Slightly cheaper alternative for The Smiths' Complete super deluxe box set.

    Rhino just announced plans to release the limited version of the boxset in America for $499. I of coursed laughed. I noticed Amazon has a listing for this same set though (UK version) for $364.xx and free shipping to boot. The price has actually decreased there in the past few days. Thought it...
  3. dallow_bg

    Elva Snow CD finally back in stock!

    Don't know if anyone cares, but I waited 2 years(?) for this to finally come back in stock. And only $8.00! I doubted it ever would. Featuring the mighty Spencer Cobrin If anyone has the original EP, with the leopard underwear cover. I'll pay a hefty...
  4. dallow_bg

    Roxy Music, what happened?

    I've always said I was a big fan of Roxy Music, but then I've only ever really owned the first 3 albums (Roxy Music, For Your Pleasure, Stranded). I was told by my record store buddies to never stray past that, to resist my strong urges to pick up Country Life because of all the rave reviews...
  5. dallow_bg

    Can anyone suggest a song about a straight man and gay woman?

    Does anyone know of a song that sort of deals with this situation? A straight man who has fallen for a lesbian woman. Links and downloads most appreciated!
  6. dallow_bg

    Need help identifying a band... obscure maybe?

    This is going to be very vague and I apologize. This groups album (maybe their only one?) is out of print and the CD sells on ebay for a good bit of money $50 or more I believe. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the group, or any of the songs and as such, they are now lost...
  7. dallow_bg

    Street Life (roxy music cover) by Moz ::download::

    Have at it! The rest of what was broadcasted is now uploaded, with the exception of You Have Killed Me. Dandysweets uploaded his version below, I'm going to try to put his and my version together so that the whole broadcast is seamless. Keep checking back...
  8. dallow_bg

    AOL sessions vinyl I bet I could press my own copies of this on vinyl, there's a vinyl plant here in Dallas, one of the few left in the nation. I...
  9. dallow_bg

    End of an era, Tower Records to be liquidated I really suggest reading the whole thing, it's pretty detailed. This part especially made me feel that they really tried: Tim Pohl, an attorney representing Trans World, asked the judge whether $500,000 was "a...
  10. dallow_bg

    Lyn Boorer selling more items on ebay.

    She made a lot of money last time around, see here...
  11. dallow_bg

    The Smiths & Morrissey Video Cover Art Site

    Phew, long title. Well, I made a website because lots of people ask for video cover art and there is no place like the awesome Akiraware to get it. I've decided to pool it all together and make a site for it since I've had a domain that I haven't used in ages. So, pardon the crappy look. I'll...
  12. dallow_bg

    Identify these lyrics?

    Sorry that I couldn't write, I've lost contact Sorry that I couldn't phone, I've lost contact Sorry that I couldn't get in touch with you Please don't leave me here on my own I found this snippet in an old thread, was wondering if anyone knew what they came from? .
  13. dallow_bg

    Beavis & Butthead make intelligent comments on November Spawned A Monster

    You've all been waiting for this video. So was I. I know Cod's a fan. :p Download (20MB): Youtube: .
  14. dallow_bg

    "The Smiths" (1982 Decibel Studio Demos) and more

    If you haven't been paying attention to the marketplace forum, now is the time to do it. Most interesting is this: And before closing this long post I should mention and private deal about 2 UNPARALLELED Smiths rarities we may...
  15. dallow_bg

    Lyn Boorer (Boz's wifey) selling her stuff on ebay

    Not sure if this is the correct forum......... But check out her stuff, it's just clothes. But if you like that rockabilly, vintage look, go for it...
  16. dallow_bg

    Arthur Lee & Love - "Five String Serenade"

    Long after his creative peak had gone, he managed to write this gem. I believe Mazzy Star covered it on one of her albums. Please download, what do you think of it? .
  17. dallow_bg

    I Know Where Syd Barrett Lived...

    and you can purchase it.
  18. dallow_bg

    The Smiths - Unseen pictures slideshow

    UPDATE July 24, 2016: Photo credit: Jo Cooper sent a note to say the photo credit for these four photos is hers and not Steve Catterall's. All credit for these goes to Steve Catterall and his friends who followed The Smiths during 85 and 86 documenting the tour for us, the fans. The music...
  19. dallow_bg

    Frank Sidebottom - Indie Medley (includes The Smiths)

    Well..... this is a bit odd. I picked this CD in the import clearance bin. Perhaps someone from the UK can enlighten me on who exactly this character is. Indie Medley (Love Will Tear Us Apart / How I Wrote Elastic Man / Take The Skinheads Bowling / Bigmouth Strikes Again)...
  20. dallow_bg

    The Durutti Column - For Steven Patrick In the liner notes, Vini writes: For Steven Patrick with love and affection. .
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