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  1. seekastar

    Need Vegas tickets Aug 29th - Sept 5th

    ISO 1 or 2 tickets for each of last 4 shows. DM me. Thanks!
  2. seekastar

    Smiths Indeed fanzine set - brand new unopened (LTD Ed. of 100 sets- sold out)

    For The Collector - Limited Edition of 100 sets of issues 1-11. I'd like to sell my copies of the Smiths Indeed fanzine. I have a full pristine set of the reprint. There were 100 sets of the 12-issue run. They are a true pleasure. Excellent read that captures the time and essence of The Smiths...
  3. seekastar

    Hollywood Bowl Pit Sat 11/11/17 Pool Circle E | 1 ticket Row 5 | Seat 2 $336

    Pool Circle E | 1 ticket Row 5 | Seat 2 What I paid - $336 Thanks!
  4. seekastar

    Hollywood Bowl Garden Box 1 seat- $200 - Saturday 11/11/17

    Garden Box 1 | 1 ticket Row 512 | Seat 1 One Extra ticket- Asking $200 firm. Thanks.
  5. seekastar

    Morrissey 1991- 2006 Tour T-Shirt Collection For Sale

    My name is Russ, in the '90s I printed the Sing Your Life fanzine with David Tseng, founder of I've seen Morrissey live too many times to count, primarily in the early 90's. These shirts were all personally purchased by me. I am the original owner. They have been...
  6. seekastar

    Morrissey's "Singles To Be Cremated With" download AND Intermission Music

    I am wondering if anyone is able to upload these songs AND more. Specifically I am looking for a set list that contains these and more. I used to have a cassette that had these and MANY MANY more... until it got stuck in my car cassette player. Here are some of the other songs that were...
  7. seekastar

    Paris- need 1 Olympia ticket

    I will be in Paris on Friday 2.1 and back on Monday 2.4. Please contact me via email or phone. [email protected] cell 1 912 695 0141 Thanks so much.
  8. seekastar

    early entry tickets for sale th/fr/sat 10/11-12-13

    SOLD! Thanks for contacting me, I didn't realize these tickets were in so high of demand... but they are sold. Sorry I couldn't get back to everyone... too many people called me. Cheers. I am selling 3 early entry tickets for the last 3 Palladium shows in LA for $50 each, which is what they...
  9. seekastar

    Tickets Wanted- 10.1 and All Palladium Shows

    I waited too long to buy the ten day pass on Ticketmaster so if anyone has an extra ten day pass they need to get rid of, I would like to purchase it. If not, I am also interested in individual tickets for the ten shows. I'll be arriving in LA on 10.1 and can meet at the shows to buy...
  10. seekastar

    Record stores in Paris

    Can anyone advise me of record shops in Paris to find Smiths/Morrissey Vinyl, cds, promos? I am going to Monster Melodies but would be interested in checking out a few more if there are any others worth checking out in the City. Merci!!
  11. seekastar

    Boston through Atlanta or bust

    Is anyone driving from the Boston show and all the shows through Atlanta? I am more than willing to help out with gas and hotel accomodations but really need a ride to the shows.
  12. seekastar

    Morrissey Tickets face value - $70 obo Atlanta Chastain 7.20.07

    Morrissey Tickets face value - $70 obo Atlanta Chastain Park 7.20.07 4 Morrissey seated ticket face value. Friends can't go at last minute so selling these for what we paid for. Seems like all that are left on Ticketmaster are lawn. Lt Terr T 5-11 email me at [email protected]
  13. seekastar

    Atlanta - Great Morrissey seated Tickets for sale FACE VALUE - $70 each

    I have 2- 6 tickets for sale that are in the seated area Row T. I am only asking what we paid for them. Thanks. If you buy all 6 we may be able to work out a deal for a lower price, less than face value so let me know. Thanks!
  14. seekastar

    Who is going to Myrtle Beach?

    I haven't seen it done in a while and maybe it is tired, but I suggest a sea of flowers for the final show of the tour! Gladiolas, daffodils, daisies, whichever, just bring em!!!! Thoughts?
  15. seekastar

    6 Atlanta tickets for Sale- Row T Face Value

    Lt terrace T 11 Please contact me if interested- [email protected] Thanks.
  16. seekastar

    ST. Louis for the last time...

    What is there to do after the show? Is there not a Morrissey Bday after party anywhere? How bout a local club just having a Morrissey after party, forget that it is his bday... anyways... in town for the night, and I want to see people and I want to see life....
  17. seekastar

    Interesting Drug Ltd. Edition Brown Sleeve Etched Disc Mispress 12" for sale

    I am interested in selling a copy of the Interesting Drug Ltd. Edition Brown Sleeve Etched Disc ONE SIDED ETCHED DISC OF INTERESTING DRUG Does not include SUCH A LITTLE THING MAKES SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE CATALOGUE NUMBER 12 POPS 1621 Mispress 12". Please send me your offers. Thanks.
  18. seekastar

    St. Louis 5.22.07

    What is there to do in St. Louis? Will there be a Morrissey Night after the show or a club to go to? Where is a good/safe place to stay, close to the venue? Thanks.
  19. seekastar

    Ongoing Event
  20. seekastar

    Don't Buy While Seals Die: Boycott Canadian Seafood.
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