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    "Morrissey 25: Live" reviews by Alan Jenkins (TLS), Dickie Felton

    (I'm coming to the conversation a little late) I liked the show. It seems that some people commented before that the theaters they were in were nearly empty. Here in Austin, Texas it was full. I thought there was a good set-list. I have to say Morrissey25 was well done! He has canceled every...
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    Interlude plus a few others

    I came across a CD that my dead best friend made me a very long time ago...which I never listened to (and I don't know why). So I loaded it on my iPod and was pleased immensely, having heard the songs that I heard. Interlude is on there and you can hear where the cd skipped on the song, (there...
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    Austin, Tx.

    Well, nevermind to all of it! Lol
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    Austin, Tx.

    No, I think I'll go alone. I'll find cool people like to to hang out with.
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    Austin, Tx.

    The queue for what?
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    Austin, Tx.

    Yes, I really am the boy with the thorn in his side.
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    Austin, Tx.

    Everyone that is going to the Austin show...that has an iphone, and has (or will have) the app: Vyclone? Its an app that lets you take shots of a show at different angles. I figure a couple of us could meet before the show on April 16th, and we can all somehow figure out how to record one song...
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