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  1. all I need is moz

    Standing ticket for Vicar Street Friday and Saturday nights needed.

    Hi, I need a standing ticket for both Friday and Saturday nights at Vicar Street, Dublin. I tried and tried on the day of sell with ticketmaster and no success... Since then I've tried to put it to the back of my mind but can't. Please help this Mozaholic!!! Thank you!
  2. all I need is moz

    WANTED: Tickets for Birmingham!

    Was due to be in London that night seeing Franz Ferdinand with my cousin, but I've twisted her arm and she's letting me go to Birmingham for Moz instead!!!:thumb: One slight snag I need to get my hands on two tickets:mad:! PM if anyone has any please!!!:tears:
  3. all I need is moz

    RAH tickets x2 for sale!

    Hi I've got two tickets for the Royal Albert Hall 27/10/09 for sale. Stupidly I forgot to return them to the RAH before 1st September so there up for grabs here, if no one's interested I'll stick them on ebay! Tickets cost me 2 x 37.50 plus p&p so you can can have them for £75, ticket...
  4. all I need is moz

    Help! anyone know of venue that accepts children?

    Hi, like most of you I'm really dissappointed about he RAH show being cancelled yesterday. My problem is that I was going with my seven year old son, who is even more disappointed than me that He has missed Moz. I'm not hopeful for a reschedule, so I'm now desperately trying to find another...
  5. all I need is moz

    2 tix for RAH if anyones interested?

    Hi, this is a bit confusing so bare with me, I was planning on seeing Morrissey at the Royal albert hall on my own, that was until my seven year old son announced he really want to come, so i've sold my standing ticket. I then bought two seated tickets through the Royal Albert hall, but...
  6. all I need is moz

    2 RAH tickets needed! possible swap

    Hi, I have a dilemma. I already have one standing ticket for the Royal Albert Hall 13/05/09, but now my seven year old has announced that he wants to come with me. The RAH is the only venue reasonably near to me, that has seated tickets, I've checked with them and He can attend, only problem is...
  7. all I need is moz

    New Moz Merchandise

    Don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but they've started putting up the new tour merchandise on (US store). So far its only the green "Irish Blood" T-shirt, black "Cash" T-Shirt and groovy little keyring, but might be worth checking back as this was'nt there...
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