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  1. Belligerent Ghoul

    "These Charming X-Men" by Adam Villacin

    There Is An Optic Blast That Will Never Go Out: Adam Villacin Mashes Up The Smiths And The X-Men - Comics Alliance Excerpt: Or at least, that’s the conclusion that artist Adam Villacin came to with “These Charming X-Men,” a series of portraits on display at Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles...
  2. R

    Cancelled Dallas Show in 2014?

    Does anyone know anything about this? It appears to be cancelled. Looks like Morrissey beat his own record. Tuesday 18 February 2014 Morrissey Venue The Palladium Ballroom Dallas 75215 Dallas, TX, US
  3. R

    Thinking about Live and Death

    Thinking about Life and Death I recently read an article about being able to prolong your death due to new treatments that will slow or stop the aging process and allow humans to remain healthy and productive to the age of 120 or older. This made me question why we are so scared of dying...
  4. R

    Morrissey Calls in on KROQ's Kevin and Bean (not really)

    KROQ's Kevin and Bean mentioned Morrissey's retirement. "Morrissey" even called in. :thumb:
  5. R

    Between Cole and Cahuenga

    Does anyone know which part (or cross street) of Cole and Cahuenga Morrissey is referring to in I'm Playing Easy to Get? I know these streets run parallel.
  6. R

    Nice Bit of Meat? *NSFW*

    Marilyn Monroe Lindsay Lohan Hmmm....
  7. R

    Favorite Morrissey/The Smiths Sex Song

    What is your favorite Morrissey/The Smiths song to have sex to? :guitar:
  8. R

    Jeff Buckley - Morrissey Impersonation

    Has anyone seen this video? :squiffy:
  9. R

    Man convicted of ejaculating into co-worker's water bottle,0,2014924.story The incident happened on January 14, 2010, at the Northwestern Mutual Mortgage Company in Newport Beach, according to the Orange County District Attorney's office. Investigators say Lallana entered...
  10. R

    The Smiths Reunion vs Morrissey Knighthood

    Which do you think is most likely? The Smiths to reunite for a tour or the world being graced by Sir Steven Morrissey?
  11. R

    2011 Coachella line up

    Actually better than last year. :guitar:
  12. R

    The State of California owes Morrissey money Looks like there's gonna be hell to pay. :gun:
  13. R

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a proud father

    C. Ronaldo just announced via Facebook that he is a proud father of a baby boy. Congratulations man. "It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become father to a baby boy. As agreed with the baby's mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son...
  14. R

    World Cup 2010 Group A & B

    Group A South Africa Mexico Uruguay France Group B Argentina Nigeria North Korea Greece Your thoughts?
  15. R

    For all you GRAMMER Nazis

    To true.
  16. R


    CrunkCore. My new favorite musical genre. XxXYou ready for this???XxX And if you think I'm being serious, I'm shock and appalled. :p Oh and this aint no joke. They have a record deal and everything. :sick:
  17. R

    Morrissey's Mozburger

    Not too sure what to think about this. Lol.
  18. R

    Tree goes through woman’s throat and she survives

    22-year-old Michelle Childers and her husband Daniel were taking a leisurely drive in the Idaho Mountains when Michelle was impaled in the NECK with a 13-inch spruce tree branch that crashed through one of their truck windows! She was so shell-shocked she didn’t even immediately realize what...
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