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  1. What she said

    More sexist bullshit

    I don't think it's sexist. Most men like videogames and women, I actually thought it was funny.
  2. What she said

    Store worker crushed to death as 2,000 frenzied bargain hunters smash through doors

    Re: Store worker crushed to death as 2,000 frenzied bargain hunters smash through doo I'm gonna make a t-shirt that says "Consumerism Kills" or "Beware of sales".
  3. What she said

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Step on - Happy Mondays
  4. What she said

    morrissey frink thread!

    HAhahahaha that's just great. :D
  5. What she said

    What do Lance Armstrong and Adolf Hitler have in common?

    My grandfather had only 1 ball and he had 8 children. I don't see that much of a problem. I mean, the problem should only be in fertility, right? IN his case it didn't interfere at all. :D I didn't know Lance Armstrong only had 1. haha Learnt something new today.
  6. What she said

    What song are you listening to right now?

    True Faith - New Order
  7. What she said

    And the latest celebrity to condemn gay marriage is...

    Hypocrisy, I think it's called. :rolleyes:
  8. What she said

    Nirvana baby, now 17

    People grow up. Is he a Nirvana fan? I've heard once that Peter Rowan (boy in the cover of U2 albums Boy and War) doesn't like U2.
  9. What she said

    Chili-Pepper John Frusciante recruits Johnny Marr for Solo-Album!

    I expected more out of some SoloW members here really. But well, some people are open-minded. Agreeeeeeeeeeeeed in every single word. True. Looking forward to hear this album!
  10. What she said

    Boz Article/Interview in Guitar & Bass Magazine

    I am going to buy that magazine for suuuuuuuuuuure.
  11. What she said

    A Thread For Inquisitive Minds

    Women are cleaner IMO. There are cities that have public toilets for both genders. I try not to go. :sick: Why does it feel so good to show off a now-perfect boyfriend to your ex-out-of-garbage-can boyfriend? Arrghh, such a SATC kind of inquisition.
  12. What she said

    Italian Right to Die Case

    It's 2008, religion shouldn't have any influence in political decisions. But it's Italy where Rome is so the Catholic influence is even larger. I think abortion and euthanasia should be a personal decision with no punishment from the state.
  13. What she said

    Which of these phrases annoy you the most?

    "Like" "Shouldn't of" "Peace" instead of saying "good bye". "Dude". "Actually" is overused. "So" instead of "very". "Bitchin' ", it was always very disturbing to my ears but my ex used it so often that it made me hate it even more. And most of all "K". I mean OK is already a very...
  14. What she said

    pin ups

    OMG that guy looks so much like my neighbour...
  15. What she said

    Do you have a job?

    I used to tutor. Not anymore. I can't have a descent documented job either because I don't have a social security number. :tears:
  16. What she said

    Obama Won!!

    Hahah good one.. Love that album btw. Yesterday I was so tired I wasn't awake until he was officially the next president. But the first thing I did when I woke up was turn on the news and I had a similar feeling as a kid in Christmas morning lol. I'm not American, nor do I live in America but...
  17. What she said

    The You Can Frink Whoever You Like Thread

    Who isn't? :horny: Also... Colin Firth At last...Larry Muller Jr. It was his Bday the 31st as well.
  18. What she said

    Sarah Palin gets pranked

    Hahahaha that's why I live here.
  19. What she said

    what will you do for Halloween?

    HAhahaha that's awesome. This halloween I'm gonna go to a gig with several local bands. Dressed up as myself.
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