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  1. Hellie

    Morrissey's management

    Who manages him and how can I get in touch with them quick? I've not been "die hard" lately.
  2. Hellie

    First date etiquette

    Is it ok to sleep with someone on the first date? My potential date has asked me if its okay and am torn between slapping him and saying.." oh go on then" :lbf:
  3. Hellie

    Uk bans You Tube music videos...

    and I'm pissed as hell.:mad::drama:
  4. Hellie

    stalking my ex....

    is my new hobby.:D I have discovered site allows you to, for a small fee get any address and ex directory phone number of anyone!! Surely this is an infringement of one's civil liberties and right to anonymity?:eek: Hey who cares? Now I know where he is I have a choice. I...
  5. Hellie

    James Purefoy is the hotness....not those other wannabees

  6. Hellie

    Ban icky adverts

    Yesterday my children and I (their dad also) all decided to be a bunch of lazy chavs and eat our tea on our laps in front of the TV. First advert on was for "vaginal" itching.:sick:...Seven year old asks..."whats a vagina dad?":p Nine year old says..."its a front bottom stupid":o everyone...
  7. Hellie

    Pet shop boys vid

    Im rediscovering my teenage love for The Pet Shop Boys. Can anyone tell me what the hell the Always on My Mind video was all about.Its been bugging me for days.Were they on crack when they made it.:rolleyes:Who is the fat weird guy in the back of the cab?
  8. Hellie

    why is everyone getting banned?

    Does it mean they have a dangerous sexy rebellious side like James Dean? I go away for a few hours and it all happens.....and its all a mystery to me.:(
  9. Hellie

    Nervous breakdowns

    Am i the only person having a very thin grasp on sanity? My cafe has no customers (credit crunch and all that) and i have rent and mortgage and car and zillions of other bills to pay.:tears: My children have more homework than Einstein's teacher gave him and they all need help with...
  10. Hellie

    I have a problem......

    I live in a street that has another street near by that has the same name but with an "e " on the end. Well today a parcel arrived.I never look at the address and just open things.Anyway it contained some rather dodgy swingers mags.:eek: After turning red thinking they belonged to the OH...
  11. Hellie

    Are people born evil or are they made?

    Following my somewhat harrowing experience of the Hannibal brain scene last Saturday...a kind and benevolent chum lent me a book all about a person called Albert Fish.After reading it I'm reviewing what sort of a friend gives someone as squeamish and vegetarian as me such a tome....but that's...
  12. Hellie

    First love

    .....dug some old photos out today and discovered a pic of my first love.(no you can't see it coz it would be unfair to show you it without his permission.:p) I nearly pissed myself with laughter.I shouldn't laugh really as i was going to throw my self off Southend Pier when he dumped me...
  13. Hellie

    I am writing my will.....

    I've not got much to leave...... half a house, a few Moz cds......but I don't know if I should be buried and feed the worms.....or fried......what should i choose.This is serious.I quite fancy being scattered somewhere romantic but can't think of a romantic place.Then again i imagine my loved...
  14. Hellie

    Shannon Matthews Mother charged!!!

    I can hardly believe that these people "copied Shameless" as the papers reported.I did see the episode in question and it does bear some similarities.Ofcourse who knows what will unfold as the truth comes out ...but talk about life imitating art.Despicable people.Apparantley the Police Hunt cost...
  15. Hellie

    Which Celebrity Have You shared an elevator with?

    I shared a lift with Ronald McDonald today:eek: I was going to start a tirade about the meat industry but I restrained myself as the poor guy was only trying to make a living.:guitar:
  16. Hellie

    Does size matter...?

  17. Hellie

    Morrissey Culture Show soon!!

    Morrissey is on the Culture Show on BBC 2 at 6.55. Not sure if its an interview or not but can't beleive he's been on UK TV three times in eight days!!
  18. Hellie

    A very Veggie Xmas

    You know it makes sense.Just do it because you love Morrissey.:D How about a nice veggie nut roast? Parsnip bake? Veggie dumplings and veggie gravy? (I`m staring to resemble one with the mince pie situation right now:o) You will feel smug.Trust me.
  19. Hellie

    Morrissey banners

    I know there is some pretty cool Morrissey Solo banners on the main site but does anyone have any really nice images with just Morrissey in letters on it. At the moment I don`t have Photoshop so I can`t change them. A friend is making me a bag with the image printed into the material but I can`t...
  20. Hellie

    What do you feel about zoos?

    I went today to a Wildlife place with my kids,that had monkeys and crocodiles and snow leopards and tigers.The monkeys had nice big cages that had joining cage tunnels so they could swing happily from one to the other.However the tigers and leopards had very small compounds with a few tufts of...
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