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  1. esperanza

    Nobel UK tv airing

    For those who can......
  2. esperanza

    UK paperback chart ?

    Can anybody direct me to this site...thanking you.
  3. esperanza

    Nice one Cyril
  4. esperanza

    Request: vinyl rip

    Can anybody help out with an upload of "people are the same everywhere" b-side from the vinyl version of the "Playboys" single. I've bought the cd and the download b-side but need this b-side for the hat-trick...Cheers m' dears.
  5. esperanza

    2012 New Backdrop

    Good to see spencer is still "performing"
  6. esperanza

    M in Manchester audio

    Can anybody help with the audio for the show please. I had a download of it but it seems to have gone awol. I can't seem to find the complete show anywhere. Thanks in advance.
  7. esperanza

    New bootleg box set ?

    Can anybody shed any light on this "collection" ? which is for sale on Amazon UK
  8. esperanza

    Moon Over Kentucky

    Can anybody help me out with this live Sparks cover from the Brixton shows in 2009. I had it but due to ipod trouble it is no more. I'm trying to piece things back again on ipod etc. Thanks.
  9. esperanza

    "Thanks for the memories"

    Now that the tour has ended,(?)may I be one of the first to congratulate and thank Morrissey and the band for a very enjoyable and satisfying last few months. I don't think that there are many other artists of his stature and gravitas that would play at some of the venues/towns he has played on...
  10. esperanza

    Moz book ?

    Anybody know anything about this ?
  11. esperanza

    intro music 91-09

    Anyone help with some kind of a list of the intro music for all the tours...(a big ask I know)... Disaster with ipod and hard drive... ABSOLUTELY GUTTED. Thanks
  12. esperanza

    Inverness refreshments

    Been a few years since I've been up to Inverness. Anyone recommend any local pubs ? Thanking you.
  13. esperanza

    Desperately seeking

    ......2 tickets for the York gig. Please,please, please etc. Thanks.
  14. esperanza

    James Maker book

    Does anyone know if this is available in paper form in the UK. I can only find it on Amazon as an ebook. Thanks.
  15. esperanza

    That's Entertainment

    I've got "Posing in Paris"(vinyl) and "Higher Education"(cd) and one or two download versions of this live song. Anyone got an opinion on the best live version, performance wise / sound quality etc ? Totally surprised me when I witnessed it on the Kill Uncle tour... Thanking you.
  16. esperanza

    Trash live (EILS b-side)

    Anyone know if this is available to buy as a download ?
  17. esperanza

    Irvine 97

    Anybody know where I can get the artwork for the Irvine 97 show cant print this, thanks.
  18. esperanza

    Peter Murphy

    Can anyone let me know if there is a good site where I can get Peter Murphy/ Bauhaus live downloads. At the moment I'm looking for his recent Glasgow show 2/8/10 at the Classic Grand....Thanks in advance.
  19. esperanza

    Fake plastic strides

    Can anyone help with this show ? It looks like a good'un but I've never saw any other clips for it.Does anyone know if there is a full video out there of the show ? I have a pretty poor copy of one show where the pvc suit get"s an airing(might be...
  20. esperanza

    "Passions Just Like Mine" dvd

    Can someone who has saw this film explain the difference with "is it really so strange" please. Thanks.
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