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  1. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Re: Mike Joyce on 5 Live last night ummm.... somewhat NSFW... :)
  2. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    Morrissey in LA?

    Moz spotted on Melrose buying jeans today... report on the local news. click on the "watch video" link, ignore the 30 second meat commercial, he's in the 1st 10 seconds of the report...
  3. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    Manchester Apollo 23rd May, How Did It Go?

    Awesome videos! :) I managed to snag one of these (actually, Charlie brought it over) at the railing. I just wanted to contribute because here and on the main page it was missing ("from memory") etc. #17 (Sowwy) wasn't played... much confusion and quick jostling onstage when Moz...
  4. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    Current And Former Walmart CEOs Shop At Target

    I'm spending the rest of the month in NW Arkansas. It's true that the locals have a love/hate relationship with their biggest industry, especially since it's so pervasive (regular stores, grocery stores, Wal-Mart doctor's offices wtf?) It's like a mining town where everyone buys from the...
  5. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    Long live los angeles, long live indie 103, long live morrissey

    OMg, how cute is this? Jose, Mikey on the accordion, and Thomas Lennon. ADORABLE!!!
  6. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    Live Webcast of Coachella

    I thought this too... but then hey, there's no such thing as a BAD Moz show... but he certainly didn't look like he was enjoying..
  7. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    Live Webcast of Coachella

    Thanks for the responses! I'm planning to watch until Moz comes on (or until it's time to drive to Oakland, whichever comes first) :). I'm just worried about our friends in different time zones who are scheduling sleep, etc around this, believing it to be a "live" stream. (and of course, as...
  8. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    Live Webcast of Coachella

    Wait, is this really live? I live about 2 hrs from the venue, and there's waaay more daylight at the festival than I see outside my window. Also, it says The Hold Steady were on 5:00 ish. They're 3 hours behind schedule? Or are they showing entire band sets? Finally got it working, and...
  9. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    Break Up The Family

    Holy crap, I adore this song. I once had a young man (mid thirties-ish, lawyer-type) talk to me for hours about this song. We were waiting in the Q in Oklahoma City. It was one of those odd Q relationships that spontaneously develop just for those few hours. Anyway, he went on and on about...
  10. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    Roll Call: Atlanta

    Truly the tour of refusal!
  11. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    Cringeworthy Morrissey lyrics

    The fact that the next line is "but then I look at you..." is the most disturbing for me. Bad flashbacks of discovering people hoarking in the potties in college. :sick:
  12. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    Moz to play Jimmy Kimmel outdoor mini-concert Feb 5th '09

    ** crosses fingers*** otherwise, I took the day off from work for nothing! :confused:
  13. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    the all things Basketball thread

    Hey kiddo! I'm super excited to see you too. Kobe was amazing tonight! :)
  14. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    the all things Basketball thread

    I too am a Laker fan. I think Pau Gasol is the perfect man for me. I wish he would hurry up and marry me. Maybe I should start a Pau frink thread for everyone! :)
  15. HandHoldingWinsRaces!

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Dunno if it's been mentioned before or not, but The Onion published their version of a world atlas, "Our Dumb World". On the page that features the UK, there's a spot on the map called "Morrissey's old moping grounds." I chuckled! :)
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