1. T

    Has anyone figured out the strum pattern for 'Bigmouth Strikes Again'?

    Does anyone here know the strum pattern for 'Bigmouth Strikes Again' ? Thanks so much.
  2. N

    Pat Reid Dunce Directive Bigmouth 1983:1993 + Morrissey matchbox

    Hello, If anyone is looking to enhance their collection and doesn't yet possess a copy of the 32-page booklet Pat Reid - Bigmouth 1983:1993 (Dunce Directive) plus the accompanying Morrissey matchbox, I was intending to list these items on ebay tonight. Thought I'd pop along here first to gauge...
  3. M

    Morrissey on Norway Massacre/Fast Food Companies - Bigmmouth Strikes Again

    Once again he shoots himself in the foot.
  4. N

    I sincerely apoligise if this is frowned upon

    Morrissey is basically an idol of mine to be completly honest, probably similiar to you, his muisic and his lyrics speak to me, I could honestly listen to him all day and night (and sometimes I have!). I watch interviews with him and speaks how I feel about almost anything! He (along with many...
  5. GirlAfraid23

    Clip of the smiths - at their best Probably one of the best clips of The Smiths Morrissey looks Gorgeous in a shirt & tie and the rolling Rs on the song are a joy to listen to The extra guitar of Craig Gannon is a blessing and Johnny's guitar is beautifully played
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