bona drag

  1. Reggie Kray

    1991 tour shirt Bona Drag print vintage and original

    Vintage 1991 Morrissey Bona Drag Tour Kill Uncle Concert T Shirt Size XL on tag. Genuine article here. Very rare. Great condition. Minor small dot Stain pictured. Not ripped or torn at all. Beautiful print. AUTHENTIC VINTAGE Tour tee! Update - ***SOLD*** Cheers
  2. A

    Interlude plus a few others

    I came across a CD that my dead best friend made me a very long time ago...which I never listened to (and I don't know why). So I loaded it on my iPod and was pleased immensely, having heard the songs that I heard. Interlude is on there and you can hear where the cd skipped on the song, (there...
  3. T

    Bona Drag extras

    I know people have the Bona Drag extras. Anyone willing to share?
  4. B

    Bona Drag reissue 4th Oct, remastered & extra tracks

    Just heard this on Radcliffe Maconie radio show. 6 'new' tracks including Happy Lovers United, Oh Phoney, Let The Right One Slip In, Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness Overseen by Moz himself, released on vinyl and CD on the 'Major Minor' label. Not sure of a release date.
  5. M

    Bona Drag vs Swords

    Which one is better? Yeah, Bona Drag has a shorter span of B-Sides but I see them both on the same level of albums. It's a hard choice to pick one over the other, I can't. The question is..... can you? hah
  6. virtually dead

    The official "what are you wearing" thread

    I'm wearing an oversized shakespearian style shirt complete with ruffles, I look like a right prat 'cos my sisters is wearing a nike hoodie. :( I didn't intend this thread to be it's not my fault :D
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