2010 Celebrity Death Pool

Even though I had him on my list, I was very sorry to learn that Dennis Hopper died. I love his work.

I didn't see where anyone picked Gary Coleman.


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My completely unoriginal list - they're either old, ill or self obsessed, self destructive wankers:

Lindsay Lohan
Whitney Houston
Peaches Geldof
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Pete Doherty
Liz Taylor
Mickey Rooney
Olivia de Havilland
Margaret Thatcher
Kim Jong-il

Edit: Swapped Whitney in for Courtney Love - like Nats1977 says above, I think she's not very well.
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Didn't see Jill Clayburgh coming, that is sad.

Ghost, that web site is the very definition of sangfroid.


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I just had a look at this thread to see if anyone had Bernard Matthews (we didn't, would you believe it?!) and noticed Dave2006 had Alex Hurricane Higgins! Kudos to that guy :)

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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Who had

Leslie Nielsen? :straightface:
die basterds! methlabxplosion morrissey? wtf! sick wrong
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