Any Philadelphia pre or after parties?


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Yeah, so the show is on a Monday night - not a big stay out night...

But in the random chance any Philly spots are doing something Sunday or Monday, I'd be pleased to squeeze it in between VStreet, HCV, and Charlie Was a Sinner dining excursions.


I heard there will be a Moz/Trump face-off at their luxury hotel post-show. This is probably how events will unfold in the city of brotherly love:



I imagine Damon the Hairdresser will get super jealous and end up giving them each other’s looks, transforming their lives forever. With Damon’s heretofore hidden wizardry coming into its own along with Trump’s onion loaf thuggery coiffure tips, Morrissey will finally be able to quit the Bosley Hair Club for Men. Moz the Gingerbread will be made an honorary American citizen by a freshly bequiffed, brunette Trump. Despite being besties, Moz will run against Trump in 2020 and win, leaving his former foe and Kanye in the dust. Then, and only then, America (and the UK) will be great once again. World Peace will ensue.

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