Any Smiths or Morrissey sightseeing in Toronto, Washington or New York?


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This might be a little left field, but I guess this is Solo, so someone will be able to help. As the title suggests, I'm looking for any potential Smiths or Morrissey sights to see in Toronto, Washington or New York? I'm going on holiday in a week or so and I'm interested to know if there are any important places to pay pilgrimage?

A search on PJLM reveals lots of concerts over the years in NY, some in Washington, and a few in Toronto, but I'm not that interested in getting a photo of the outside of a venue unless there is an interesting story to go with it. I'm looking for any locations of photo shoots (I can't find any) or any locations of stories - such as this - a music shop (no longer there) and a posh hotel (still there).

I'm guessing that there will be more in NY - anything NY Dolls related?

I'm also looking for any record shop (store!) recommendations in each city - where might I find a 12" Canadian Boy With The Thorn or USA 7" Stop Me If?

If only JukeBox Jury had a book of "Morrissey's North America" I'd be sorted.

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The Danceteria is a well-documented Smiths gig with a few stories. That's now a shop called NY Stone Manhattan on West 21st Street. I guess you could also buy a granite worktop if you have an amazing luggage allowance.

Personally, if I were planning a Moz-related tour of that area, the Andy Warhol Museum would probably be top of my list. It's in Pittsburgh, though. But maybe your travel arrangements are flexible.
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