Arab Strap - Daughters Of Darkness


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never really listened to them, but do appreciate that they are named after a sock full of poop. oh, wait...that's Arab whip


...brush me daddy-o
1 track promo from the newly released boxset 'Scenes Of A Sexual Nature'.
Reminds me why I love this band, sorely missed.

and for those inclined......

Please buy the boxset, it'll be worth it.

I like the tunes of Arab Strap, but Aidan's lyrics are just a bit too pervy for me. He played some new music at a recent Chemikal night with Bill Wells. It was pretty good.
Malcolm Middleton's solo work is pretty great - his first album was just torturously self loathing, a real miserable but exceeding good listen! I think his music quality runs parallel to a continuous scale of how miserable he feels!:lbf:

Will undoubtedly buy the box set!:thumb:

cheers for sharing:thumb:
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