Bobby on the radio



Has anyone heard Bobby on the radio? It’s not playlisted on 6 Music or Radio 2, so I doubt any UK station will play him. Heard it?


Reverse Ferret
Its Skinny amok with the Anon ID interface.
Moz was never to play the UK again according to Skinny, and now is left to look like a compete tool.

I looked up the drummer on Twitter & there he was in the replies. So, definitely a pattern of being over involved.


Reverse Ferret
It's not even a fall anymore. It's a rocky publicity phase that'll make an interesting chapter in future biographies as they argue over what it was all about. I would chuck in, 'generational trauma caused by The British Empire' to get the leftie explanations rolling.
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Karen is genuinely mentally ill.

Pot calling kettle there skinny...but then again you would actually know about these men'al 'ealth things.

Ex-Fan? Could you actually be any more obvious with that username? Duh.
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