Dublin 2014-12-01


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This was uploaded on DIME and ZOMB this week:


There are 2 major problems with this recording. First, it needed some serious EQ adjustment to fix the bass/treble balance. That was easy. However I cannot eliminate the outrageous amount of crowd noise around the taper. As bad as I've ever heard. This is a loud crowd and it's especially noticeable during the quiet songs.

Here are samples, before and after fixing the EQ:



You can download the complete remastered show here:

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There was a hell of a lot of chit chat going on. Not up front, but in about the back two thirds. My bladder forced me to retreat back for about the last 4 songs and it was all yak yak yak from then on.
I was sitting at the back to the left of the stage and three people (two men one woman) in front of me talked through the whole concert, I regret not telling them to shut up. They were showing eachother photos of their kids on their phones. Then during the encore one of the men shouted up , "we forgive you for canceling", I didn't catch the name of the venue? But they weren't irish. So if they traved to Dublin for the concert because their country's concert was cancelled I don't know why they bothered. And if the people involved are on this forum and recognise themselves , Thanks for spoiling it for me and the people around you, and I hope someone someday does the same thing on you .........


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It's great to have this show, obviously, and this comment has nothing to do with tapers or mixers, but good lord did those Irish ever shut up and listen to the show? I may never be able to listen to this one again it is THAT annoying. We were up in the seats (and frustrated as hell we weren't allowed to stand) but maybe that's a good thing or I would've been screaming at all these people to shut up! Speedway in particular is just ruined by three or four conversations that sound like they are right under the mics.
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