Fiona Dodwell: "Five Morrissey Albums That Deserve Reappraisal" (December 3, 2020)



Just like we could call California Son a collection of cover versions. Or a load of toss.
CS is, as you say a collection of covers or, a load of toss ....
That was my interpretation for the first week or two upon its release....
There are some songs on that LP , that I just don’t listen to still to this day.... That said there is 4 songs that are magnificent, and Morrissey's voice is at its best .......
I find CS to be an opportunity missed by moz, as he could quite easily catapulted himself, along with The other artists he could have sung with, back into “the British top ten”
Alas as fans we can only suffer these penalty misses.....


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At least it sounds like a song in this version. The piano is a huge improvement from all the tuneless noises on the studio recording, and his voice is also better here without the added effects to make it sound that he's singing somewhere deep under the water. Still, he has made better piano ballads than this one IMO.


Your Arsenal needs no new appraisal. It's a classic always has, always will be. Go back to Swords often, many 'treasures ' My Dearest Love - the standout for me.
Maladujsted especially the re issue gets stronger over time.
My Dearest Love is an incredible track, vocals are right on the money!


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if only Moz were accorded the same courtesy.
Haha. Like the courtesy he afforded Johnny 'Rodent' whom he wished would die in a motorway pile-up (despite claiming to have never read The Severed Alliance) or wishing Mike Joyce "nothing but the worst".

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Do people love the album Ringleader of The Tormentors in 2020?


We’ve had multiple repackaged reissues, extra tracks, tacky badges and t-shirts.

Finally the reevaluation of the songs.

The circle is complete.

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I threw world peas out of my car somewhere in Riverside and didn’t listen to Morrissey for two years after. Absolute rubbish.


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Is the ‘Swords’ album cover an allusion to King Arthur pulling Excalibur out of the ground?
If so, it’s his arm that is the sword and it looks as though it’s stuck.
What does it all mean?


its not me its you.
run,run young man through the glen.
glen is such a scottish word,wonder what his thinking was when writing it.
i actually pass through a glen on the way to work and a waterfall,wonder how many people can say they pass a waterfall on their way to work everyday.
fiona dodwell

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