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Looking to see if anyone has sorted a return from Dunfermline to Glasgow? My expected lift has dropped out (today!) and I'm now stuck. Bus and train timetables dont seem to have anything that will be suitable. Don't want stranded in Dunfermline on a wet Monday.

Any advice appreciated.



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The last bus to Edinburgh from Dunfermline is the 55 at 2225, arriving at 2316.
There is a train from Edinburgh to Glasgow at 2330, arriving at 0026. To have any chance of getting that you would need to get the 55 bus (as mentioned) or share a taxi to edinburgh. You'll be looking at about £35, which isn't too bad when split between five.

There is a train from Dunfermline Town to Edinburgh at 2344, arriving in Edinburgh at 0018, well after the last bus and train to Glasgow has gone.

It all depends what time he comes off stage.

Good luck.

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At Dunoon he was off stage at 10:15pm


Doing the Terrace Stomp
Thanks miseryguts & joe but I've managed to secure a place on VivaBobs Moz bus. He's saved the day! Phew! Panic (in the streets if Dunfermline) is over.

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