Giffgaff Mobile Network Frees Battery Hens

The Cat's Mother

More hopeful animal welfare news, this time UK-based. My mobile phone network, giffgaff, impressed me this week with this new scheme to help rescue battery hens that would otherwise be slaughtered after their first laying cycle.

For every new customer, giffgaff is donating £4 to the Wood Green Animal Centre's battery hen rescue operation. £4 is the rough cost of feeding up, housing and bringing medical attention to each rescued hen. Wood Green rescue, rehabilitate and re-home around 5,500 animals and birds every year.

More about giffgaff's involvement with Wood Green The publicity blurb runs on the slogan "Unlock a Phone, Unlock a Chicken", but any previously unlocked phone, or any phone locked to the o2 network, will accept a giffgaff sim.

You can order a giffgaff sim and see their (very cheap) rates via HERE, plus (because it's a personal invite link) you get £5 extra credit free when you activate your sim, as well as triggering a £4 donation to Wood Green.

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