Glastonbury-Arctic Monkeys


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How does everyone rate this band, i've never seen them live, thought the first album was great, 2nd good, never bothered with subsequent, but am enjoying them tonight on the TV.:guitar:


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From my vantage point from the safety of my settee it was a pretty impressive headlining set. As Mark Radcliffe said Alex Turner looked like he'd stepped straight off a Smiths single cover.

Having said that Portishead's set looked like something from another dimension. Truly spine-tingling. I really enjoy Glastonbury. (On my television set)


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Have to admit when I saw the line up I thought Mumford and Sons? Arctic Monkeys? headliners No way. The Arctic Monkeys proved me wrong they were excellent. I don't think Mumford will be though.
..I watched the first 40 minutes of T'arctics on "Catch up TV" this morning, and then turned it off, so I could go to the local ASDA store and stock up on some ale, and watch it again from the beginning, with a few drinks...Not too sure about Alex's "How you doing" announcements...a bit TOO USA hair-rock-metal bands for me, but....( It also made me wanna dig out their first two albums...( I've never heard "Humbug", and am still to "Get my head" around Suck it and see...It just hasn't Clicked with me yet), but I still think they are one of the best bands around these days...

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Kevin Cummins (@KCMANC) tweeted at 11:47 PM on Fri, Jun 28, 2013:
Glasto: just checking but Alex Turner's from Sheffield and not Tupelo Mississippi isn't he ??? This is also corporate rock hell ...

Never been a huge fan, find some of it too self-indulgent.
I laughed when I saw a rather funny/barbed tweet from Kevin Cummins above.
Saw other observations that they were in trainers one year now have suits...
Would agree first album was ok, but find later stuff bit tough to get in to.
Not the best headline act ever but ok.

Forgot to add: can't take Mumford seriously since Charlie Brooker called them the trust fund wurzels!
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