How old are you?

How old are you?

  • 12-17

    Votes: 43 15.3%
  • 18-27

    Votes: 106 37.7%
  • 28-36

    Votes: 74 26.3%
  • 37-over

    Votes: 58 20.6%

  • Total voters


Girl Least Likely To
16, clumsy and shy, been a fan since 2003/2004.


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31 years and 11 months. Which means I'm nearly 32 and am no longer allowed on Club 18-30 holidays. Though SAGA will soon come tapping.

"No officer its a Morrissey website, I'm not grooming no f***er!"
vote 37+ do it now!

Ok ok!!
I'm 38 :cool:

that's the spirit, doesn't matter what age you are VOTE 37+

Nevermind wasting all your time voting your age, sooner or later you'll be in the right zone (37+)

I think I should be elected Prime Minister of 37+ Party! I'm the only bugger promoting it!

Robby (should I gain Premiership) I'll select you as Junior Minister & you may preside over the 21 to 30 year olds!

OK now who's ready to Paaaaaaaaaaarddddddddddayyyyyyyy?


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34. Started listening in 1988 or 89. "Viva Hate" was at our library, and I hated it. I got "Strangeways" instead, as recommended by a friend, and have been a fan ever since.

Maybe my daughters wil join the board in, oh, 12 years or so. I sing them "Asleep" (I know, I know) and others at bedtime.


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I'm 43 years OLD. Which means I have been lucky to enjoy The Smiths and Moz from the very beginning.


i'm 27 and a fan since october 2006! :eek:

Still Tired

as it were...
I'm 23. I have a download of a concert the Smiths performed on the exact night I was born all those years ago, that's strange... and it's almost exactly a year since I bought my first Smiths album :)
I am 22, will be 23 in about two months. I still sometimes think I am 21..or sometimes 23. Dementia?

How old were I again..:o

And I was born in spring 1984. The Smiths were in Finland the next summer..weird.


On holiday by mistake
34 Been into the Smiths since the summer of 89 when i was 16. I think it was Hatful of Hollow that started me off. Got everything else very quickly afterwards.

Have listened to very little else since. Its been 18 years, 7 months and 27 days......


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i am 20.i have been listening to the smiths and morrissey since i was born because my mom and dad are both big fans.but i didnt actually really get into him until i was 12.
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