Is Coronavirus as serious as they say?

Hovis Lesley

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I don't know! Time out usually means you've been suspended or banned from the site for something.

I just can't imagine what she's said that's worse that what she says on a daily basis.
It seems the offensive term was actually a wilful lift from Morrissey’s own phrase book, as I’m sure everyone will be delighted to explain. This site is now generating its own news.


Can't say for sure, but I'm assuming it was because she referred to Verso as "Joo boi" in one of the threads about Morrissey's latest nonsense.
oh ive done that before. i was under the impression it was a term of endearment.


So I can safely say now that you you don’t want to come live in my house no more?????

Remember when you constantly badgerd me for a room ?????

You trip your sad self up with every stupid post ....

that was before i found out how dumb/weird you are

Carlisle baz

Cock of the north
Nice work with Melvis the other evening CazBaz.
Ah yes .... with ya now ....
it’s why I signed up olde pal ...
Love it ... but I should now retire from this despicable nonsense...
unfortunately I’m glued....
if you can please pass a nice line to Shazzz and be a good boy 😬
She likes your patter as I do ,
But I think she needs a good word from us idiots 👍


Last of the famous international screw ups.
OK, so sometimes Covid memes do make me laugh

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