Janice Long: Pet Shop Boys interview mentioning Morrissey (January 27, 2020)



I listened to this interview as I'm a PSB fan anyway, but was really surprised when Neil casually mentioned he'd had dinner with Morrissey. I'd never heard either of them mention this. I remember Neil saying in an interview that they'd bumped into Morrissey once at a motorway service station back in the 80s, but that was it. Obviously they're well acquainted with Johnny Marr, but I'd love to hear more about this dinner conversation with Moz.


What is the gist?

@ the funny ones: Don't tell me the definition of 'gist'. :)

Basically - Morrissey comments on the relative chart success of Dusty Springfield vs Sandie Shaw and Tennant observing that it was a "very Morrissey thing to say" (evaluating the merits of someone's existence based on their chart position, I guess :)).


I know it's highly unlikely but I think a Morrissey and Pet Shop Boys Collaboration would be out of this world!

Would make sense since Morrissey is chasing a more electronic sound on the the new album.

Think it would probably be the greatest musical collaboration of all time if it happened hence why it probably wont.

Morrissey and Neil Tennant are some of the greatest lyricists of our time and Chris Lowe is probably the most talented British musician.

It would definitely be interesting.

Unfortunately, I think we will get a Morrissey Christmas album before that happens, but you never know.

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