last night i dreamt played on daytime radio on christmas...


on the 26th of december at 1.45 p.m "last night" got played on daytime radio! i just finished seing "its a wonderful life" with james stewart that always leaves me very emontional and then this gem comes on radio(from the strangeways album not the earls court)
which is almost a miracle cause the radiolandscape in germany is very very awful compared to other countries which has a more more diverse and widespread selections of radiostations

but dear radio eins (who really (it seems to be)is the only one who who would do that)never let me down...well they broadcast the berlin concert 2006 so they like him obviously too..

what a nice christmas present...

do you hear smiths /moz often on radio?
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loves moz
My roommate mocks my Moz love and, much to his annoyance, practically everytime I get in his car his XM radio seems to play Moz or The Smiths. (Must be a sign from the heavens! :p) Last night we got in the car and "Barbarism Begins At Home" was playing. Whenever this happens I feel vindicated and laugh in his face :D hee-hee

I don't have an XM radio in my car so the only song I generally hear on the regular radio stations here is "How Soon Is Now." When I heard my favorite radio station play "Bigmouth Strikes Again" a few months ago I was shocked.
do you hear smiths /moz often on radio?

Well to be honest not really - they don't really tend to fall in with the rest of the chart friendly mainstream stuff that people generally want to listen to. I speak only for the bog standard radio channels here not digital, but its really rare that you hear the Smiths or Morrissey, perhaps How Soon Is Now, or This Charming Man, the more well known ones, but none of the more obscure songs. Radio 2 have played some Morrissey solo stuff before...
I heard Please, Please, Please played today. Cannot remember which station but when it finished the woman said "Aw, Morrissey is so sad in that sad". I always like hearing Moz on radio :)

Love PTxx.


Is It Really So Strange
Hopefullu I'll get my XM working today, am having trouble getting a clear signal. I really want to start hearing good music.
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