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As we all know about the topless model publicity stunt event where Jarvis Cocker of Pulp got heckled by her out on the field during the Pulp vs Blur Soccer 6 charity game event in 1995 and we have ALL seen it and its still openly publicated everywhere..well, it turns out she was actually 16 or 17 then in 1995 and it was legal age to pose and publish nude in 1995. That law however got overturned in 2003 making it 18 to legally pose and public nude. So does that now make those old pics that are online and published print of the event and video illegal now? Only just found out about her age or who she technically was and about that new law as it was recently a topic of debate among our fan circle. I always thought she was like 20, 25!!! Didnt know she was even a professional model til a year ago or so. Thought it was some fan. Lol.

Dont know UK law as im a young American, nor the full story behind what happened exactly. And given this is such a huge part of Pulp/Blur/Britpop history....

So now anyone who posts it on a music fanclub or social that now illegal? Or if so, only in uk? Or? What if posted in different countries? Given that law changed but at the time it was taken and originally published was when it WAS legal? And what if fans in the usa post it. Its still everywhere.
Was a big public event. Still available even on publication sites and fan sites, mags.

Heres more info on the model:
Linsey Dawn McKenzie - Wikipedia

And heres one of the many numerous pics of the publicity stunt:
JARVIS COCKER LINSEY DAWN McKENZIE WHO STREAKED Editorial Stock Photo - Stock Image | Shutterstock

Assuming anyone over 25, 30 in the UK already knows of this.

Supposedly an agency hired her to streak the field and go after Jarvis. He had no idea what was going on. Nor do i think he even had a clue who she even was.
She had previously streaked another soccer field during a broadcasted game earlier in the years or thats why she was hired.

Anyone know the legalities? Its still on some fan and Britpop sites..

Morally it feels wrong now.
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