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Which life experience are we talking about?
read the post i made and the quote i was using.

Emotions only incite a different mental reaction, but they are basically all the same. You most certainly can control how you feel, and if that were not the case, then people would never be held accountable either legally or morally for their actions. One could simply say "I couldn't control that I got so mad I murdered 10 people. Not controllable, sorry." The immediate actions and the intense emotion are linked.

Wanting to murder someone and actually doing it are quite extreme cases.

I am thinking of basic emotions, when you get mad, sad or happy. Even you feel them and can't always control.

I bet you get pissed off by things on a daily basis. Things that happen, that make you angry or happy.

Just wondering, if i came and punch your mother in the would control your feelings of anger.

One can control if they are angry, sad, joyous. Ask any psychiatrist. It's simply a matter of self control. Perhaps you and the majority of the people here do not possess the willpower and mental awareness to control yourselves, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. It most certainly can, and is on a daily basis by millions.

I think a psychiatrist would tell you to loosen up a bit and try to enjoy your emotions & gain some 'life experience'. ;)

I do think, me and the majority of people are quite happy not being you, yes that's it, thank you :)

The US Census, which has been in effect since the 1700's. It contains data about everything from divorce rates, average life span, drug use etc. I don't make these things up, your own government studies and catalouges them on an annual basis, as is has for over 200 years.

you are a robot:cool: you need data.
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