"Maladjusted" recording sesssions (March 1997) - photo posted by Alex Black, assistant engineer

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Oh my

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Here's the official photo:
The one with the red pullover will immediately vanish from everyone's memory.



Whose Danton Supple, the name comes up on Album sleeves, singles, seems like a 2nd producer or sound engineer?
He was the engineer on 'Maladjusted', but also the producer on those amazing B Side sessions that came after ('Lost', 'The Edges Are No Longer Parallel', 'Now I am a Was' etc.). My hunch is that had Morrissey's career continued at the time, he would have ended up taking over from Lillywhite as the main producer on the next album - but of course, that was when we had the seven year hiatus, so by the time Morrissey returned he was long out of the picture.


Literally was my first thought seeing this. I sure hope it sees the light of day.
what are our chances? Is there any other material from the Maladjusted era unreleased?
I'm sure there would be unreleased stuff floating around, but whether this chap had the chance to get his hands on any material, copy it and sneak it out, is less sure. It depends on the studio setup at the time, but the assistant engineer can often be a pretty lowly position - setting up microphones, lugging equipment, getting the tea etc - whether he was alone at the desk with the mastertapes for any significant amount of time is another thing.

Also, the people who work on these records aren't always fans, and may not even give much of a shit about that kind of stuff.

Cool photo though! :thumb:


It's a sliding door. It actually says "SARM" - which was the name used by Trevor Horn in the 90's after buying it from Langer & Winstanley.
Trevor Horny, Danton Supple, Steve Lilleywhitez and Granty Showbizzy...what a lineup there!!!


Going off on a tangent... I’ve just found out (from radio 6, this evening) that Hans Zimmer Produced The Damned’s fourth album (The Black Album) in 1980. Frankly, I’m stunned.
"I'd rather have a slimmer frame than a Zimmer frame" Boris Johnson on leaving hospital when asked if he needed some support ☺️

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I like the fleece line, kinda funny but the niece line as perhaps a twist on nephew, I'm not so sure about ?
I’m not sure about that either. But then I wasn’t sure about the ‘bullet in his gullet’ line in First of the Gang—and that song did OK.


These photos kinda make me think of the ones taken for Brett Andersons wilderness, an album I adore. I’m thinking of the ones with him and the train background

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