More London dates


O2 Academy on 7th August

Palladum on 8th August.

Tickets on sale Friday.


Thats o2 Academy in Brixton, by the way.

joe frady

Vile Refusenik
Dag Nab it! Travelling back from Leeds to Edinburgh when tickets go on sale. I knew Leeds was a gig too many.

If any kind comrade around here manages to get through on Friday morning and has the wherewithal to get extras I would immediately reimburse you for one Brixton Balcony ticket and one Palladium Stalls or Royal Circle ticket


it's my birthday that weekend so very happy about this. I just hope I can get a ticket.

Jackie London

♥ Howlin' Pelle
Brixton. Lovely. Close to where I will be living by then.


I am Not Naturally Evil
I've found the pre-sale for Brixton...any ideas/news for a Palladium pre-sale? Palladium tickets will be like gold dust again. I'd much rather go to Palladium than Brixton but I know the tickets will go in 5 minutes.


Lovely Riah
Thats just for West End shows - £30 - £35 for Moz.

Here's hoping. It said for Morrissey tickets, up to £47- or £33 if you want to sit on the roof. I'm sure it's a lovely roof though.

Can anyone tell me if there is a ticket site that doesn't charge the earth in processing fees? Last ticket i bought had about a tenner added on.

Virgil Tracy

Good Evening West 'am!
The O2 priorty tickets are seats only? Is this right?
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