morrissey frink thread!


muggle, first order
oldie but goodie...


Manic Rose

Girlfriend In A Coma
a couple more


I think all of these pics are the only good reply one could give to the "How many of us consider Morrissey a sex symbol" thread. OOOOOOh my Gooood!!!! I am sitting at my desk trying go keep quite while looking at these pics, but how can I???????? So gorrrrrrggeus!


Under the ground
Thatnks for clearing the whole Frink thing up!Whenever I'm on the Libertines forums and it sais Carlos Barat Frink thread I have no idea what it means!xx
I'll have to go on there in a minute...;)


muggle, first order
Re: yum

vicarinatutugal said:
I find this somewhat appealing..:D

cant see this one vicar!

but, oh, oh god. all the photos here are so scrummy! ;) keep em coming people!

and no probs illness, i had to look it up myself when i first saw it!! :D

*drooling* :p
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