Morrissey in new Divine Comedy single and video


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Very nice indeed, the mention is at 44 seconds in, the sleeve (of November Spawned A Monster), at 1.26 in.

Who can spot all the other record sleeves?
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Do any of the other sleeves matter? :p

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Pure Hannon. Didn't like it when I first heard it, but its a grower. The fleshed out orchestration makes it. Love the concept. And one of the rare times that the video compliments the song. Can't wait for the new album.


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It's cute! Very catchy tune!


It's a cute little song. I can't sit through it too often, but I must admit I've played it a few times just because the Morrissey reference makes me smile. :)

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Simple, cute and Hannon sings it without irony, just good feelings. Reminds me of the very indie discos I used to hit throughout much of the 90s (wipes tear from eyes). He seems to put special emphasis on the name Morrissey.


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Can we have a competition to name all the other records shown in the video...

on first watch i saw:
Sheep on drugs - motorbike
Cure - pictures of you
Radiohead - the bends
Stone Roses - i wanna be adored
a cuddly toy
Japan - ghosts (just kidding)
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