Morrissey-solo upgraded to Xenforo 2.1

Welcome to the upgraded Morrissey-solo, we're now on the latest Xenforo software at version 2.1. Some things may appear the same but under the surface almost everything has changed. Take a look around and if you have any questions or find any bugs please post in this thread. I have incorporated some of the requests and suggestions that have been made on the site but after spending some time with it keep sending feedback.

Some of the new features include 'reactions' which replaces the old ratings system. New options with posts include native emoji support, improved media recognition and improved mobile support. If you want to hide anonymous posts by default that option is now an option in preferences. Emails from the site haven't been working for the last week or so for a different reason, that's being worked on.

This was a major research and development effort over the last year on my end and over the last 5+ years on the Xenforo / add-on developer end. This will set up ease of upgrading in the future and potentially a lot of new features.

Thanks to all who continue to support Morrissey-solo in a positive way. Special thanks goes to @Famous when dead for stepping up to help with the news and tour coverage. I was able to focus on getting this big upgrade done.
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Ketamine Sun

You’re one of those people that have to wait behind the ropes with a crumpled up $50 waiting to get in and I’m the one that just walks right in with a handsome man on my arm.

The only ‘handsome man’ on your arm
is probably a tattoo of Morrissey.


!Viva Hate!

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The only ‘handsome man’ on your arm
is probably a tattoo of Morrissey.


I hate tattoos, Morrissey is ugly, and I get laid far more than you.



wowe is in
Awful, awful decision, David. You should never let far-right racists dictate your site in anyway. This is a person who mocks people's deaths, insults non-English speakers and refers to others as derogatory homophobic slurs. Please reconsider.


team bougatsa
davidt why cant we get a smug smiley? that's really what we need. it's the one smiley that REALLY resonates with me (after the oops and cool smilies)

!Viva Hate!

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not everyone. not everyone is a feverish sex addict.?

Everyone pays one way or another. Dinners, dates, gifts, vacations, suffering through things you’re not interested in...all the currency of sex.

Its like the adult Chuck E. Cheese. You spend enough you can cash your tickets in on the cute little stuffed beaver.

Famous when dead

pray, how does one add a moving picture of "dreamyneil" codling to their signature?
Go to your account, signature and click here:


Find the direct URL of the gif you want (from the approved sites listed) and enter the URL in the box that pops up when you click on the icon pictured.
Then save.
You/others who don't turn off being able to view signatures will then be able to see your gif.

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