Morrissey/The Smiths CD lot collection for sale 50+ cds




Haha, I have posted this several times on ebay but nobody has been interested. Basically, getting older, poorer and needing space for children's items is my main reason for me selling this.

It would be nice for this to go to a fan, unfortunately they are sitting in a box and need some listening! If anybody is interested, here's the list below. I also found a couple of live recordings (Girl Afraid), a demo cd and a live recording of his show in Los Angeles 10/12/97 (my first concert) that I will throw in.

Here are the other cds. If anybody is interested please let me know here!


1. Kill Uncle

2. Ringleader Of The Tormentors

3. My Love Life (single)

4. You Are The Quarry (with special edition dvd)

5. Live At Earls Court

6. Maladjusted

7. The Boy Racer (single)

8. The Boy Racer (single, different b-sides)

9. Our Frank (single)

10. Viva Hate ( Imported, Special Edition With Bonus Tracks)

11. Tomorrow (single)

12. Alma Matters (single)

13. World Of Morrissey

14. November Spawned A Monster

15. Satan Rejected My Soul (single)

16. Vauxhall And I

17. Suedehead: The Best Of

18. Bona Drag

19. Roy’s Keen (single)

20. Your Arsenal

21. We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful (Single)

22. Beethoven Was Deaf

23. Morrissey At KROQ

24. ¡the best of!

25. Dagenham Dave (single)

26. Southpaw Grammar

27. My Early Burglary Years

28. Ouija Board (single)

29. Sing Your Life (single)

30. HMV/Parlophone The CD singles 91-95

The Smiths

1. Peel Sessions

2. The Smiths

3. Strangeways Here We Come

4. Louder Than Bombs

5. Interview Picture Disc

6. Meat Is Murder

7. Hatful Of Hollow

8. The World Won’t Listen

9. This Charming Man Remixes

10. 3 song cd single – This Charming Man, Jeane, Accept Yourself

11. Rank

12. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (2 disc EP featuring Sandie Shaw)

13. The Queen Is Dead

14. Sweet And Tender Hooligan (Single)

15. Singles

16. Girl Afraid (Live show)

17. Interview Disc

Tribute Albums

1. The World Still Won’t Listen (Punk Rock)

2. Godfathers Of Change Vol 1 (Florida Indie bands)

3. How Soon Is Now? Indiepop

4. The String Quartet Tribute

5. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – Italian

6. The Smiths Is Dead (Austrian import, Britpop bands performing The Queen Is Dead)

CD collection

Are these still for sale? I am very interested in buying them all. Please let me kmnow asap and I can get them. Would you be willing to go down to $100?
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