Morrissey Zippo

Here's a big-ass jpeg of a blank one for all you Photoshoppers. I think that the Bona Drag cover pic would look quite excellent on it.
I think Moz has enough bad press at the moment & I don't think we should be encouraging his association with fags at this moment in time to be perfectly honest! :)


But it's just the thing for starting flamewars!

& commercially (if you know someone who can knock a few out) it would be ideal for the London Roundhouse gigs by putting this slogan on the back of it, "Start the next great fire of London" or "London's Burning" (homage to The Clash not the tv sit-com btw).

Infact let's have a comp for best slogan on the Zippo's back, er competition?




Walking through Rome
well there must be SOMETHING witty there with "flaming" and "fags" to work with


yeah i think the meat is murder one is on bluecat
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