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I was fortunate enough to have collected all of the promo posters before they got overly expensive. A photograph of my bedroom wall, depicting posters for all of the UK singles, appeared in the NME a few years back. :)

Here's my "most elusive" list:

Morrissey Irish Blood, English Heart (1 track, CDR)
Morrissey First of the Gang to Die (4 track CDR, plain writing on sleeve)
Morrissey I Have Forgiven Jesus (4-track UK promo CDR, similar cover to released version)
Morrissey Interlude (promo different mixes)
Morrissey The Youngest Was The Most Loved (UK promo - blue disc)
Morrissey Non-LP Tracks (Promo CD)
Smiths The Music of the Smiths 1983-1987 (Chrysalis publishing CD)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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That's an even better deal. Well that makes 9 that I know about. It is a very nice promo, I nearly didn't buy it but was big into collecting then and the harsh memory of the No One Can Hold... promo was fresh in my mind! Thought there'd be loads of them too, until there wasn't!!


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I got my lot from, as well. Apparently they had access to the entire world's stock.

I, too, bought them as a reaction to the impossibility of finding the "No One Can Hold A Candle To You" promo CD.
(I had two of these and sold one for something like $20!)

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Ah who'd be a collector eh? Well not me I gave up last year! Hard to justify the expense for some things but equally hard to resist having a gap in your collection. Probably broke even after I'd sold my collectables. Enjoyed the chase though.


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Yep, that be it. I've been to record swaps here in SoCal. I've seen this promo offered at $30 US and once or twice slightly less (although I can't say it's been within the last 3 months). Like a fool, I passed on it each time. Now that I don't see them lying around I want one. Figures :rolleyes:

It's a nice cover and that's the main reason I want it (not so much that it's collectible). Hell, I'd be happy with even just a nice original print made from the neg. (which would eliminate the white lettering!).

edit: if you wouldn't mind, could you send me the name of the photog for the cover? Thnx
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It's a nice cover and that's the main reason I want it (not so much that it's collectible). Hell, I'd be happy with even just a nice original print made from the neg. (which would eliminate the white lettering!).

Thanks to Flax, we can all have a nice copy :)


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Hey, thanks! I may have "borrowed" it before from his site before and it's quite nice but... (and here's the part where I sound like an ingrate. Hey, i play to my strengths :) ), I'd still like a proper scan/print from the original photog that doesn't show the moire pattern.

Really, I do appreciate it even if I don't sound like it :)


An Under The Influence CD made in USA has really eluded me. My list of wants (although constantly shrinking) is pretty much endless as I want pretty much everything.


I have never seen this. Apparently, only 25 copies exist.

I don't think it will ever appear on ebay, so I'm not even looking... at least not for less that $3000.

I contacted the guy from and he claims to have it. However he said that he's not willing to sell it unless somebody offers him something like £2500.


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nice to see this thread still has a pulse. Most elusive items in my experience, (standard releases only) are, the Zimbabwe S/T LP. The Dutch Panic with white text is elusive as hell. New Zealand 7'' TCM and WDDIM, Meat Is Murder Uruguay LP, That Joke Philippines 12'', all the Italian ROULP's and CDROUG's are very elusive.


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I know this isn't super exotic but try and find a nice one for sensible money?


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The rehearsal studio version of "Hot Hot Hot" with Morrissey and his idol Buster Poindexter. Supposedly this was supposed to be performed as a duet when Morrissey inducted him in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but Buster Poindexter was late for his reservation at Ruth Chris Steakhouse that night, so they cancelled the duet.


I am still looking for the How Soon 2004 cd-r acetate, French What Difference, Smiths S/T Zimbabwe LP [Plum TRL 3533, the supposed Hong Kong S/T with THE SMITHS written in red on the sleeve and the Unknown S/T the has the sleeve like record slick sleeves like the ones in the 60's. Here is the information from Passions about it.

unknown LP [Rough Trade ROUGH61]

A LP edition of unknown origin has made it into the hands of a few collectors. It looks very much like a UK LP on the back, but the front of the sleeve shows the band's name in a very unusual orange. The construction of the sleeve is also quite unusual. It is made like American LPs were made in the 1960s/70s, with two card boards covered in a printed paper 'slick' which is stuck onto the front and back. The labels are blue with black text, identical to the German black vinyl labels, but the Rough Trade logo is the rubber-stamp one and the GEMA and LC logos are absent. The record is slipped inside a plastic anti-static sleeve and both sides of the UK's inner sleeve are printed on an insert. This item may have served early promotional purpose, although there is also reason to speculate that it was produced in Hong Kong.

These are just the ones off the top of my head. I know there are tons more stuff I need. it is a never ending hobby. I am working on trying to get all the Smiths 7" records. All different country's and push outs and solid centers. So far I have 44 SMiths 7" records. I have a few more to go.. I will make a list of the ones I need and post them in the market to see if you guys have any for sale or trade..
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