Mr. Demos YT: "Jeane" & "Wonderful Woman" early demos premiered (January 3/4, 2020)

A new channel popped up yesterday with a premiere for a demo of these things take time I asume to be the Troy Tate version because of the length

Added by joe frady:

They are pretty ropey, but then history often is.

"Slowly degrading in a box since 82/83"...well, haven't we all?

So, Mr Demos is 'premiering' "These Things Take Time" on the 1st of June 2020...

Birthday Gift from Joyce, Michael...?

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joe frady

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They are pretty ropey, but then history often is.

"Slowly degrading in a box since 82/83"...well, haven't we all?

So, Mr Demos is 'premiering' "These Things Take Time" on the 1st of June 2020...

Birthday Gift from Joyce, Michael...?



brb guys, heading out to record the sound of traffic in the distance then running it through some distortion filter to pass it off as an early Smiths demo


Sounds genuine to me - I simply don't see what the point would even be to fake something like this.

Anyway - nice to hear - whether it was released by Mike Joyce or whoever, there was really little point in holding on to it privately any longer. Even if Morrissey wasn't blocking archival Smiths releases (which seems to be the common consensus), the quality of this is so poor that I can't imagine this ever getting a commercial release, even on a collection of unreleased demo tracks. But still - interesting to hear for us obsessives.


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Was it Mike who recently tweeted that he was digitising some old cassettes? I’m sure it was reported here.

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Some of Mike's comments ring true.
From the same thread:
A dusty bit of information from the archive:

"About ten years ago I was working for a magazine and an interview was arranged with Mike Joyce. A journalist and I were dispatched up to his house in the more well off suburbs of Manchester. Mike is very friendly and a great guy to hang out with. The journo is talked into a jam with Mike in his studio basement.

After this we are sitting in his kitchen having a coffee and Mikes appears with a battered ghetto blaster and a cardboard box of cassettes. We look inside and are amazed by the contents of this box. With his characteristic enthusiasm he pulls a tape out and sticks it into the ageing player that looks like it might 'eat' every cassette you put into it. The sounds that come out are familiar but we can't quite place them. Mike grins and says "This is the Smiths first rehearsal" That amazing sound isn't quite there Moz's voice is slightly different that confidence is not fully developed, the rhythm section sound more like they want to be in a funk outfit. Only Marr's guitar sounds pretty polished. Overall though its quite impressive for the first ever time of playing together. There must be 30+ tapes in the box they obviously recorded a lot of gigs, there's also some outtakes and studio run-throughs. Lets hope that some of these finally see the light of day.."

I forget which TV documentary actually filmed him with the box of tapes, but the first rehearsal would be good or perhaps A Matter Of Opinion et al.
I think we all know he had a hand in the audio bits used in Granada's These Things Take Time and he tried to share in the early 2000's, posting the following on his site after issues arose:

Statement From Mike Joyce

Hello People...
Due to the legal implications of putting up the Smiths tracks. I am currently
seeking advice as to the best way to get these tracks heard. I will keep you
informed of any progress. Sorry About the delay.
Love and Peace


P.S. There is only one factor in this that is stopping me from putting these tracks
up on this site. I'm sure you all know what/who that is.....
Find here.... some never before heard gems from the past..............
watch this space ! as new tracks will be added over the coming months"

Unfortunately, nothing more was heard until now.
This could be promising, or his tapes could just be oxidising away :)

Edit: seeing the whole Twitter picture would have helped:

View attachment 52843

So that's '82 and he's said this further:

Fingers crossed...



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Sounds like someone is eatin' a bag of pretzels in the background.
They didn't even care that there was a recordin' in progress.

Mike high on mushrooms thought his drum sticks were pretzels, which explains why there’s no drums.



Sorry, I’d love for the dream to be real, but - I just can’t hear Morrissey at all. I think someone is having some fun

Ketamine Sun

The these things take time clip sounds nothing like Morrissey

Don’t know, some different lyrics in there ‘ a disused railway line... you lie
.. beside her ... you wrestled ... and now I’m ... ashamed ... took my hand ...’ ????

I’m now leaning towards these being real.

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