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DVD, The Smiths Under Review is a 90 minute documentary film covering the full story and music of The Smiths. It features rare musical performances, videos, TV appearances, interviews with the band, and expert comment and review, $18.99, New: 6/22/2006 This was from Music Masters Worldwide, purveyors of rare and finer releases. You can write [email protected] for a complete listing.
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irish blood dublin heart
for new fans only. this tells or shows us nothing new I have seen it
Yes, but i really dont have ANYTHING on video or DVD (not available here).Cossy, are you u2 fan?


irish blood dublin heart
no mate not a big fan. Bono does my head in and they are played to death here on Irish radio but each to their own. My girlfriend is a big fan but I am winning her over to the Moz camp. She wont bite on REM though
Well, i must confess... i was at u2 concert 4 times. But, i dont have high opinion on last 2 albus though.


muggle, first order
nothing new, okay. but does it have any good moz interviews and stuff?


irish blood dublin heart
no new moz interviews all old. south bank show etc
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