New Smiths Unreleased Demos


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I was flipping through Peepholism and I noticed that the last two color pages in the book, page 160 and 161. Those are the covers of the latest Smiths bootleg and the Revelation LP. Pretty strange. Check it out if you have the book...

Well spotted roky



Oh well...enough said
EverythingEnglish have them in stock now. Just ordered.
For those that didn't get one, I wouldn't be too worried. It was the same with the Revelation LP – kind of hard to come across at first, but still easily available to this day.

and cheaper....this is what is happening with Revelation LP at least:rolleyes:
Cheers Moz

joe frady

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Apropos of nowt very much, I was inspired by this latest lovely illegality to google the good Goddard and came across the following interview which I found pretty interesting (more interesting than Joyce's non-denial denial on Twitter at least) ~
All apologies if this has been posted before, but it's 8 years ago for christ's sake, and I can barely recall 8 hours ago let alone...etc

Thanks for the link Joe, some very interesting things in there. Makes me want to re-read "Songs That Saved Your Life".

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