Nicky Wire says Morrissey changed his life

Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers said in a television programme last night on channel 4, that the moment he saw Morrissey on TOTP his life changed forever

he said the next day he went into school with flowers in his back pocket and through Morrissey was able to progress into music much more easier, by then listening to other bands like Echo and the Bunnymen


I'd support The Smiths over Echo and the bunnymen anyday!!!
For the first time this year, I actually had the Radio on yesterday( My trusty old CD deck had died....)
As I was doing the Ironing.
Some awful, sub-Then Jericho absolute 1980's wany-winky woo shite was coming from the speakers...I had to continue listening, so I could find out if it was a U2 ( In Bono's Mullet headed years...tragi-80's heyday) track...or Howard Jones making a Comebck...
The Mouthy ( ho-hum...) DJ then said something about it being "The Manics" new single.....
Sorry, Mr. Wire, but the first time I heard The Smith/Morrissey, I was absolutely STUNNED. ...if THAT load of tripe I heard by your Band was the best you can do lately....Then I am truly in despair for musics future.
PS, I am also old enough to know that Echo and the Bunnymen used to MEAN something..I wouldn't cross the street to listen to 'em nowadays...
Whine over....thanks for listening....


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This is great, it's like the letters page of the NME - my band's better than your band! Your band isn't as good as it was! Now they'd sold some records they've sold their soul...

Comparing the Smiths first work with the Manics latest is as unfair as comparing the Manics first work with Morrissey's last. We'd all choose This Charming Man and Hand in Glove over That's How People Grow Up. Manics fans would probably choose Motorcycle Emptiness or La Tristesse Durera over Some Kind of Nothingness. Truth is, I'd choose Holy Bible or Everything Must Go over Swords

Angry young men form bands because they want to get something off their chest - the results can be brilliant. Grumpy middle-aged millionaires make music for completely different reasons - the results are almost always mediocre.


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that nicky wire does like the sound of his own voice

manics are pants anyway

Your fellow countryman Martin from Gene is working on a solo lp, he is quite a nice chap as it goes.

I agree the manics are pants, although, I liked Motorcycle emptiness and richy seemed quite bright.
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I feel for the Manic Street Preachers in the same way I feel for Morrissey.
Every time they bring a new record out, people are lining up to call it overblown middle aged shite. Everyone always says that they aren't as good as they used to be, like people aren't allowed to change as they get older.

The worst part is, most of those people call themselves FANS.

Whatever they do, they can't win.
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