No John Lennon, no Beatles


Yoko was an artist as we know...
John met her at her exabition where he had to climb up a ladder and look through a peep hole... he then seen the word YES...
that was the turning point... yoko had been in a mental institution, and had a daughter....
f*** all has been said about her over the decades ...
the most , awful , different, unappreciated artist of our time is Yoko Lennon, I think she’s close to death now... even i Havant seen the the true artist in her yet😘😘
Are u drunk?


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The Beatles would never have been as huge without Paul McCartney. And in fact, Paul would have had a much better chance of making it as a solo star before John.


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On a side note - I love Yoko Ono. She's a very smart & talented woman, who got an unbelievably horrible press for getting married.


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I glanced up the other night and saw Yokos bedroom window light was on. 11pm ish. Rest of the house dark. That,s the same as usual. Its pitch dark on 72 and CPW at night. The Building is silohuetted. Powerwalks before bed. Years ago you could buy weed there. I say Yoko Yes when I'm being too negative. Am I the weirdest on here. Hold me went to number 1 great lyrics. Love Yoko and Sean. The Beatles vs The Smiths. Hmmmmmm.
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