"Now My Heart Is Wool" Mini Moz Charity Calendar 2014

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The 2014 Mini Moz Charity calendars are now onsale! Usual thing - 13 shots of Mini Moz (with guest appearances by Knitted Boz and Knitted Johnny) doing silly things or swanning about in assorted places/outfits. Proceeds to Cats Protection.

The calendars are £6 each, plus postage. Looking at last year's figures, I noticed how much money was wasted on unused postage capacity. Alas, I can't make the PO drop their prices but I'm setting out the prices in more detail to encourage people to buy two or more calendars and get the best value.

But what if you don't want two identical calendars? Well...... THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE THIS YEAR THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT CALENDARS!!! :thumb: I had a number of rather frinky Knitted Moz photos that had defied captioning. I have compiled them into a second, uncaptioned calendar to help me recoup some of the personal expenses (props, equipment, transport etc) I've incurred in the making of the charity calendars over the years.

You can buy any combination of charity and/or frink calendars, subject to availability.

As usual there is a free silly magnet with each calendar including one bigger calendar-style magnet if you're ordering more than one calendar (while large magnet stocks last). Magnet designs are chosen at random. There's a Knitted 1980s Moz/Marr (rather slashy) postcard with each order, plus a raffle (one chance per calendar bought) for a jolly mug with Knitted Moz pics on it. :)

You can pay by Paypal, by UK cheque or by cash in Sterling or Euros. I can't send change for cash as it's heavy to post and I must stress that you send cash at your own risk.

Prices (including 2nd Class Royal Mail to UK and Airmail to overseas):

1 = £7.10
2 = £13.40 (£6.70 each)
3 = £20.60 (£6.86 each)
4 = £26.60 (£6.65 each)
5 = £32.60 (£6.52 each)

1 = £9.50
2 = £15.50 (£7.75 each)
3 = £23.00 (£7.60 each)
4 = £29.00 (£7.25 each)
5 = £35.00 (£7.00 each)

1 = £10.50
2 = £16.50 (£8.25 each)
3 = £25.20 (£8.40 each)
4 = £32.20 (£8.05 each)
5 = £37.20 (£7.44 each)

ORDERS BY EMAIL ONLY to [email protected]. Please state how many calendars you require and of which design(s), so I can confirm stock before you pay. Please don't try to order by forum PM or Facebook PM/comment as it makes it much harder to collate the orders. I'm waiting for some printed labels to arrive so it will probably be the first week in June when I post the first batch of parcels.

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The Cat's Mother


I've sold quite a lot but I still have some of each design. Feedback from all responding customers so far is excellent. Email your orders to me on [email protected] No reprints so don't leave it too late. xx

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The Cat's Mother

Thanks for all the latest orders. Both 2014 designs are still available - grab them before the Christmas shoppers get themselves organised! (See sales links earlier in thread.)

Now for some sad news; there will not be a charity calendar for 2015. Print prices have shot up again and the print company has stopped the free offers that brought you the magnets, mugs, cards and other extras.

I could hike the price and not offer the extras, but I think I'd be chasing diminishing returns in terms of fundraising and that doesn't sit well when set against the considerable amount of work involved in producing a calendar.

I'm not ruling out a 2015 calendar in some form, given sufficient demand but it won't be a fundraising project.

By the time the last of the 2014 calendars have been sold, I reckon we'll have raised well over £1000 for good causes, namely Hull Animal Welfare Trust, Salford Lads Club and Cats Protection. Thanks to everyone who has bought my calendars over the years and also to the lovely, mad people who have helped inspire the scenarios and captions.


The Cat's Mother

Hi again. Just a note to thank everyone who bought a "Now My Heart Is Wool" charity calendar. The charity edition is now sold out and so today I shall be totting up the proceeds and extra donations and sending a cheque in excess of £270 to Cats Protection. :)

I still have a few "Wool, I Wonder" frink calendars available at just £6 each plus P&P to wherever in the world you are. Full details are here: http://allyouneedismorrissey.com/single/?p=851746&t=4159390

DSCF9042 Frink Calendar close-up.jpg

Every calendar sold gets the buyer a chance to win a teeny knitted "Micro Moz" or a Knitted Moz mug.

Prizes 2014.jpg

All enquiries to [email protected] . Please don't PM me on Solo as I don't check my messages very often.

The Cat's Mother

All the calendars are now sold. The prize winners have been drawn from the "hat" and will receive their prizes (hopefully) before Christmas. Thanks again to everyone to has supported my calendar project over the years.


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