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Carlisle baz

Cock of the north
And yours????
80s was a very diverse time in uk pop music...
We still had punk bands in the charts, teddy boys, synth pop, New Romantics, rocka billy , goths,
Then as you go into the second half of the 80s rap, house acid ect all became mainstream... ‘‘twas a mad time 85...
We’re you born in 85?

Carlisle baz

Cock of the north
Furniture was a fave of mine ... so unique . OMD is in my car...
Another fave Hovis...

Light Housework

useless eater
This is my least favorite song on YOR. I still don't skip it but listening to it on its own did make it clear that I don't care for it.
Why do you refuse to post on my Painting and Drawing thread? I just posted a video of me addressing my murderous sister. You don't find stuff like that interesting?


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It can be quite traumatic when you're confronted with the fact that not only has the artist you loved broken away from the your feeble little hive mind but in actuality was never a member of your docile little family in the first place.
Says the cop-loving bootlicker.


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Oh my. I haven't seen all this thread.

But I think both:

1) There is something like a new (de facto if not de jure) puritannical religion of wokeness. It terrifies me.

2.) Verso says intelligent things in this forum and deserves better.





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woke is bad but BGV good because he made a dumb post
about elvis costello being infatuated with him?:lbf:


What’s woke mean? The other mouth-breather couldn’t answer me, now it’s your turn.
This reminds me of that clip where ash sarkar said that no one could define what "woke" meant and then a few minutes later went on to offer a definition of it when said definition proved itself useful to her
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