Portland, OR - Schnitzer Concert Hall (Oct. 31, 2017) post-show

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You'll Be Gone / I Wish You Lonely / I Started Something I Couldn't Finish / Spent The Day In Bed / Alma Matters / Speedway / When You Open Your Legs / Home Is A Question Mark / Istanbul / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Soon Is Now? / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / The Bullfighter Dies / Jack The Ripper / Back On The Chain Gang / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / All The Young People Must Fall In Love / Ganglord / Meat Is Murder / Everyday Is Like Sunday // Suedehead / Shoplifters Of The World Unite

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  • Morrissey Previews New Album at U.S. Tour Opener in Portland on Halloween by Robert Ham - Billboard. Link posted by Famous when dead.
  • Photos by Sam Gehrke Photography (9 total) - Official Morrissey / Facebook. Link posted by Famous when dead.
  • Photos (2 total) from @samgehrkephotography / Instagram. Link posted by an anonymous person.

  • Chrissie Hynde backdrop during "Back On The Chain Gang" posted by an anonymous person:

  • Image from @farkomalarco / Instagram. Link posted by Famous when dead.

    Creeps #MorrisseyTour2017 #Halloween
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Johnny Marr lives in Portland, right? Was he in attendance?

I would be very surprised if he showed. Has he ever attended a so show. Also he might live in Portland but I’m not sure if he’s there now


The first night of a Morrissey tour used to be a great spectator sport for those of us who couldn't be there. Seeing what songs he'd choose to fill the set was always exciting, whether it was a new song, an obscure classic from his solo career (Such a Little Thing, At Amber, Trouble Loves Me, Whatever Happens I Love You, etc.) or a new batch of previously-unplayed Smiths songs he felt like showcasing.

But the stagnancy is now getting to be too much, even for an obsessive like myself. As exhaustively stated by others in this thread, he's just been playing a variation of the same setlist for the past...what, 4 tours now? Look at the setlist from the Hollywood Bowl show in 2007 and tell me there's any conceivable way that next week's show could compete. Depressing.

Still have hope he's got another great tour left in him, but this one doesn't appear to be it. Would love to be proven wrong as it unfolds over the next few months.


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I’m pretty sure Johnny was in the front row! He was dressed as a woman, trying to give Moz a rose but didn’t have the upper body strength to follow through....
He was 15’ from a guitar, all he wanted to do was say sorry and play...


I would be very surprised if he showed. Has he ever attended a so show. Also he might live in Portland but I’m not sure if he’s there now

Johnny has a house in Portland, but he lives mostly in the UK. The house was a good investment and he has said he'll never get rid of it.

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The setlist could be worse - be thankful he hasn't trotted out "To Give (The Reason I Live)" in awhile.


What time did Morrissey go on in Portland? I'm going to the show in Seattle tonight, just trying to plan what time I need to leave work.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out!


tickets for Boston are all over the net.:confused:
They will be, its a touts market now, Morrissey is yesterdays news, just living off his name and past glories, way he treats people is disgusting, people should wake up and f*** him off, he's an old horrible excuse for a human being, and his money and hair transplants ain't gonna keep him out the looney bin. 100% Fake


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Bet Johnny, Mike and Andy would play it a million times better.
Turn it on it's head and stay in bed Stevo ffs.

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The three guys you mentioned did play it back in the eighties.

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