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useless eater
The same! I’m on my way to the bank!
I misses you! :kissingclosed:


You’re so obsessed with what age you appear to be it worries me for you as you get older. Everyone, including you, has so much more to offer than just how they look. I do wonder though that when people comment on being surprised that you’re not younger than you
actually are, that they are referring more to your behavior than appearance.
well yes, I do think that's part of it for people who know me, but I also related two experiences of going to the bank recently, and the tellers commenting on how young I look (one, the lady kept looking at my passport and then at me and told me that the reason she kept looking at me was to make sure it was really me because I looked very young, and the second time the guy and I had the same birth year and he was surprised that I was the same age as him because he said he would've thought i was in my twenties). it's not about looks though. im not opposed to a few wrinkles. well that's not true.... some types of wrinkles bother me, some don't. it's about how I identify myself. I see myself as being a young girl. I don't want to be a woman. I cant identify with women. so yes, it's very hard for me, getting old. very hard.
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