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i had a dream about richard ramirez last night. it went like this! i was on some island, like in italy or something and there was a courthouse there wherein richard ramirez appeared every day to be tried over and over again like prometheus on the rocks. going to the court room to see him was sort of like going to the vatican in my dream, and since i happened to be in the area anyway, i decided i would go see him just to be able to say that i had, like you would if you had been to see the pope. when i got there the court room was a dome shaped place with orange lighting and richard was standing in the middle very tall and technicolor amidst the gray rabble surrounding him and suddenly in that moment it became very important to me that i connect with him in a meaningful way so i shouted "i love you richard!' to him, at which alert his head made small desultory movements towards the audience, and i can still remember just how beautiful he looked.
in act II of my dream we were in a pub sitting at little rounded tables, and i was surprised to see richard sitting at the one next to me with a small wiry edward snowden-looking guy, because i hadnt realized he was free to go to a pub, and i was slightly disappointed because the mask of his mystique had been lifted somewhat seeing him in such pedestrian settings. i was eating a bowl of cornflakes without milk and he was having some sort of private conversation with his interlocutor so that i couldnt join in, so when there was a moments pause i took advantage of it by asking him if he wanted some of my cornflakes. he hesitated for a moment because it was a rather shitty offering but then he was a prisoner after all so he did end up slipping his sexy long fingers into my cornflakes and takinng a handful, and that was where my dream ended.

i dont care what anyone says richard ramirez can share my cornflakes ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.
I’ll take an ounce of what you’ve smoked pet....


team bougatsa


team bougatsa
He was Satan’s son. Enjoy 👺👹😈👿💩👻💀 Be careful 🐰

it's so weird that you call yourself cath, since the only cath ive ever known was a big ramirez groupie, claimed that he had his hand up her skirt as though this was somehow a major achievement. i remember the day she broke it to all of us that she was married and i was like "so?", not apparently realizing that she was meant to be the supreme representation of groupie spinsters the world over and that her being married was somehow a horrendous betrayal.


Last of the famous international screw ups.
no and i could kick myself for not thinking of it!!!

in fact i only have ONE solo-ers picture saved and it's because it's PURE GOLD.
Ohhh, Richard?


Last of the famous international screw ups.
if richard is the tranny then yes!!

have you seen it too?!

the look of absolute delight on his face!!!! :lbf:

i actually think it's pretty cute :o
No I haven't. LOL


team bougatsa

someone tried to buy cupcakes yesterday with costa rican money. it was a 5 whatever bill, and she said it was all she had. i looked at it and said, amused, that isnt canadian. she said "well what am i supposed to do with it?", i said "i dont know, take it to the bank and exchange it, i dont know how much youll get for it though". she was like "can i speak with the manager?" LOL it's like it's not exactly an issue for the manager, it's more of a "this is canada, and you dont pay with costa rican money in canada" kind of issue. oh my god, you guys, the people in this town.

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I was thinking about how helpful it is to have the Internet these days. Not only can you look up recipes for vegan cup cakes, but you can type in 'I've lost my job, what do I need to do now' Fingers crossed, I wont be asking that question
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