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Your singing and your poetry would be better if you could keep a beat. I can't imagine how you danced and didn't learn this. I am not trying to be mean. It's just the truth.

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I started watching "The Last Kingdom" on netflix. I like it but I'd prefer if it were a little more soft focus. I like things where everyone's flaws make it difficult to see one person as good and another as bad. There is some of that but we're pressed a little too much into siding with the hero of the story. His antagonists always have flaws that make it difficult to give them much respect and so even with his mistakes, usually caused by his impatience, it's difficult to see the possibility that all the characters have some justification for their actions.
The king would have had to be smarter than he is depicted here because the king who passed over his own son to give him the crown probably wouldn't have done that.
The action is good but the outcome sometimes relies heavily on "plot armor" meaning our hero has several times faced impossible odds and still come out on top and it probably didn't happen quite that way. It's a good story though and nice to look at. it's fun to recognize which characters are based on characters from Game of Thrones. There is sort of Jaime Lannister/Bronn character and another that shares a lot with Tyrion Lannister, being a wise drunk who helps take the heat off the hero at one point where he might have been killed. I've only watched about four episodes and it's good so far but could be better. It's based on a novel so it probably doesn't just run out of story and start repeating the same setups like some other shows do that go on for too long.

no FC it didnt actually happen that way, since its a dumb TV show and never really happened



My wife has an interview from a practice that sought her out. I’m very curious and a bit nervous about what they might offer
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