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The Scandinavian 12" are more common to find here in Denmark than the 7".
The local distribution of Rough Trade was MNW (MusicNetWork). They did press the albums with MNW logo on the record label.
As far as I know the Scandinavian 7" was pressed in UK. But do you know if the Scandinavian 12" was pressed in Sweden or England ?
I'm swedish and have a couple of these. I guess the albums were pressed in sweden with the MNW logo as you mention. However i think it differs on the scandinavian 12". I have sheila och bigmouth on scandinavian 12". Bigmouth has "Sib Tryck Norsborg" at the back sleeve which indicates it was pressed in Norsborg, Stockholm. Sheila doesn't have this text and looks more like the swedish 7" of William I have with nCb on the label. Could some Scandinavian 12" actually have been pressed in England and some in Sweden?


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IR after salivating over your collections (love the cassettes), I was wondering if I could be vulgar and ask which item has been the most difficult or pricey to collect? French 7" TIALTNGO? Aussie ASK?

Most difficult? So many actually, and this varies from person to person.
The Hold On To Your Friends promo 7" was particularly hard to get hold of for me.
The Pregnant For The Last Time Aussie 7" comes to mind too, I think I only know one other person who owns a copy.
It's not always the obvious ones that are hard to find, those are usually available, if you are willing to pay the price.

Talking of price, the most I ever paid for a single item is the German debut promo LP (multicolour vinyl), but again it's hard to say, I have been lucky to get hold of a few one-offs over the years, which I would imagine would sell for a lot more than the German debut LP.
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Mini cd singles.


The Live in Amsterdam disc is not official, it was a freebie with an Italian book on The Smiths released back in the late 80s.
I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong was never officially released by Morrissey either, this was a bonus disc with the first pressing of the Durutti Column's 'Vini Reilly' album.

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I was just saying to ob other thread the Ouija board and suedehead 3" CDs are some of the pieces I miss the most from selling an amount of stuff a few years back. Love seeing the pictures but make me a bit sad. Will get them back sometime. Some things just have a greater appeal than just the monetary value. So a quick rummage led me to these. They appeal in different ways like the old a4 promo sheets so of their time and the italian ones from a period of work in Italy years ago. Love everyone's pics and collections though. Great to take time and appreciate.
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