Rank your Morrissey albums


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1/ Your Arsenal
2/ Years of Refusal
3/ You Are The Curry
4/ Southpaw Grammar
5/ Viva Hate
6/ Vauxhall and I
7/ Ringleader of the Tormentors
8/ Maladjusted
9/ Kill Uncle

... however, that said, 1-6 are fairly interchangeable! Being a fan of the oeuvre, I don't really like classifying album by album, as there are strong tracks on EVERY SINGLE ALBUM! which is a lot more than can be said for most artists that have as many as 9 solo albums, or those with less than 9! 'spose its just a bit of fun anyway!

Viva Moz!



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1/ Vauxhall and I
2/ Viva Hate
3/ Your Arsenal
4/ Southpaw Grammar
5/ You Are The Curry
6/ Years of Refusal
7/ Maladjusted
8/ Ringleader of the Tormentors
9/ Kill Uncle


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OK,I've been trying to decide :) not an easy task :lbf:

1- Vauxhall
2- Your Arsenal
3- Years of refusal
4- You are the Quarry
5- Ringleader
6- Southpaw
7- Viva Hate
8- Maladjusted
9- Kill Uncle

Sorry but I skip a lot of songs on Viva Hate. Although single tracks such as suedehead, everyday is like sunday, etc remain timeless and some of the best of his entire career, to me it doesn't work as an album - I usually listen to Bona Drag instead - I love that compilation (which to me has more of an album "feeling")

The only album I could not connect with is Kill Uncle- in fact it's the only one I haven't got - I listened at the time (a friend made me a tape) and I still have that tape and it's not that I don't like it but it's still my least favourite :)


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1-VIva hate
3-You're Arsenal
4-You are the Quarry
5-Kill uncle (it's got one on it i love and the rest are alright)
6-Vauxhall and i (over-rated)
i haven't heard the rest


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1- Viva Hate
2- Southpaw Grammer
3- Vauxhall and I
4- Years of Refusal
5- Your Arsenal
6- You are the Quarry
7- Maladjusted
8- Ringleaders
9- Kill Uncle

I still really love some of the songs on my bottom 3 but overall as an album not as good as viva, vauxhall etc. :)
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1. Vauxhall
2. YOR
3. Viva Hate
4. Your Arsenal
5. Quarry
6. Kill Uncle
7. Southpaw
8. Maladjusted

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The first two are super-easy, and it gets difficult from there....

1. Vauxhall and I (my favourite of all-time, by anyone)
2. Your Arsenal (the clear #2, but not even close to #1)
3. Viva Hate
4. You Are The Quarry
5. Southpaw Grammar
6. Years Of Refusal
7. Ringleader of the Tormentors
8. Maladjusted
9. Kill Uncle

The only obvious slots here are 1-2 and 8-9. Vauxhall and I is beyond comprehension in its beauty and power -- I could write for days about that one. Your Arsenal wins the silver hands down. Maladjusted and Kill Uncle are the opposite: Maladjusted is easily the 2nd worst thing he's ever done, but Satan Rejected My Soul is the one winner. Kill Uncle is dead last, and I believe always will be -- I'm not sure Morrissey could pen album that bad again if his life depended on it. I technically own it, but didn't until about 4 years ago when I found it for $1 in the local used CD store's "bargain bin." A dollar? I'm still not sure if that was a "bargain" or not.....

Slots 3-7 are tougher, but I tend to lean towards the early ones. I initially had Southpaw ahead of Quarry, but there are a greater number of stronger tunes on Quarry that I underestimate. Southpaw has the sublime title track, and Boy Racer was an 'ok' single... but what else is there really? When looking at this list, you can be fairly assured that with the passage of a bit more time, Years Of Refusal will overtake Southpaw for the #5 slot... beyond that, I'm fairly sure this list is solid.

In the end, Moz will never top his Vauxhall/Boxers years, '93-'95, along with a part of his Arsenal stuff (Seasick, We'll Let You Know). In fact, given that the entire Boxers EP *and* "We'll Let You Know" are both on the World of Morrissey compilation.... you could give me Vauxhall and WorldOfMorrissey and I'd be a damn happy man.


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1. Your Arsenal
2. Vauxhall and I
3. You Are The Quarry
4. Viva Hate
5. Years of Refusal
6. Southpaw Grammar
7. Maladjusted
8. Kill Uncle
9. Ringleader of the Tormentors

Top 2/Bottom 2 easy - although Arsenal and Vauxhall can swap depending on how Thuggish I'm feeling...

The others I may as well have thrown a dice!

It's like Sophie's Choice...


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1.Your Arsenal
2.Vauxhall & I
3.Viva Hate
4.You are the quarry
5.Years of Refusal
7.Southpaw Grammar
9.Kill Uncle


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1 your arsenal
2 viva hate
3 vauxhall & i
4 kill uncle
5 maladjusted
6 your are the quarry
7 ringleader
8 years of refusal
9 southpaw grammar


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I love them all but here goes:

1-Your Arsenal
2-Vauxhall And I
3-Viva Hate
8-Kill Uncle



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I think this is all so interesting.

I'm reading every single post and entering all the data on a spreadsheet and then I'll analyze it very meticulously. Then I'll come up with graphs and pie charts and statistics about all of this.


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1. Viva Hate
2. Your Arsenal
3. Years of Refusal
4. Vauxhall & I
5. Southpaw Grammar
6. You Are The Quarry
7. Ringleader Of The Tormentors
8. Kill Uncle
9. Maladjusted


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I honestly couldn't do this tbh, I love them all, even Kill Uncle. The only track I skip on Kill Uncle is Camera Eye! I value each one equally!

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I think this is all so interesting.

I'm reading every single post and entering all the data on a spreadsheet and then I'll analyze it very meticulously. Then I'll come up with graphs and pie charts and statistics about all of this.

That had better not be sarcasm.
No disrespect to the people who are ranking albums, but it just seems rather pointless to me. I love every single album, compilations and live albums included, and I go through phases of constantly listening to a certain album and every album has its own thing.


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1. Vauxhall And I
2. You Are The Quarry
3. Years of Refusal
4. Your Arsenal
5. Ringleader Of The Tormentors
6. Southpaw Grammer
7. Viva Hate
8. Maladjusted
9. Kill Uncle
Vauxhall and I
Viva Hate (expanded edition)
Your Arsenal
You Are The Quarry
Years Of Refusal
Kill Uncle
Ringleader Of The Tormentors
Southpaw Grammar

Love PTxx.
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